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Let's All (try to) Play: Mega Man X2


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-- Game Information- --

Release Date: December 15 1994

Platform: SNES (can also be played on the Mega Man X collection for Xbox, Gamecube, and Playstation 2)

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Story: Six months after Sigma was defeated, X is appointed the leader of Maverick Hunters. But three Mavericks, Serges, Agile, and Violin, have set up a base at the North Pole to create a copy version of Zero but they need his program chip to complete him. Their plan is to lure out X and take it from him.

-- Introduction --

It's like Mega Man X, only with a 2 at the end of it! Okay, so there's a few changes here and there. But watch the videos and hopefully these crazy cats will point them out as the series goes along. We're in it for the long haul, gentlemen!

-- Series/Videos --

Part 1 (J-Stop) - In Memory of 'Generic Green Maverick Hunter On Cheval #1' - Youtube / Viddler (coming soon)

Part 2 (Ikari) - Wire Sponge

Part 3 (Indie) - Wheel Gator

Part 4 (Indie) - Bubble Crab

Part 5 (Coffee) - Flame Stag

Part 6 (LeadingMan Ikari) - Morph Moth

Part 7 (SamuraiGoomba) - Overdrive Ostrich

Part 8 (J-Stop) - Magna Centipede (Part 1 Part 2

Part 9 (LeadingMan) - Crystal Snail


Part 10 (Ikari) - Sigma Stage 1

Part 11 (Ikari) - Sigma Stage 2

Part 12 (Ikari) - Sigma Stage 3

Part 13 (Ikari) - Sigma Stage 3

Part 13 (Ikari) - Sigma Stage 4/The End

Bonus videos:

(SamuraiGoomba) - Let's Play Mega Man X2? ViddlerDailymotion

Part X (Ikari & Leadingman) - The X Hunters

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Wire sponge is a little bitch that I hate.

Part 2 of our LP on Youtube. I'm not bothering with viddler.

*high five*

I was going to go after Wheel Gator first but all the runs ended terribly and didn't want to take up someone else's turn.

Let's see if this one keeps going.

It will. I was thinking about bringing up the idea of having a time window for calling a boss, a one week type of rule. Starting this sunday, everyone has one week to call a boss, if you don't, someone else is allowed to take your turn. Also, if you call a boss and more than two weeks goes by without putting up the LP or don't explain why there is a delay, someone else is allowed to take that boss from you.

Not to sound like a dick, just want to get this one done instead of what happened with the X1 LP where we all were waiting on someone else.

I'll finish this even if it's just me and Ikari taking turns and then doing a guest commentary for the Sigma stages.

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i don't have a mic but i really want to do one of these (or a few if we're going to do the whole series). i was wondering if i could do a screenshot version since i do not own a mic? now i know that would be kind of stupid for a megaman game but what if i recorded my run-through of from zsnes and hosted it so that if anyone didn't know what was going on in the shots they could watch the video first.

stupid idea?

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My quality is soooooo much better. Ikari fix the gamma.

Lol, My video looks like shit because I pumped it out in 3 hours using my technique that usually takes all day. If I do any more X2, I'll have to get an emulator, which I know isn't a pain, but I figured I'd show off some of the nuances, even if we didn't need to see the password screen, lol.

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It'd probably be better if you just subtitled it. Action games don't translate very well to screens.

Here's how: http://bd.baldurk.org/1259#title

and with that, Flame Stag has been claimed by me.

someone has to do Bubble Crab first because i'm not going in there without Bubble Splash.

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OP has been updated with links and slots filled with the two bosses that were claimed.

Alright, i did Bubble Crab, no one had claimed it , and i really want to get to X3.

Ugh I'm dreading the thought of doing X3. I hate X3 with a passion for some reason, not as much as X5-X7, but still.

I kind of want to join in the festivities here, but I suck so hard at Megaman. Really, you have no idea just how hard I suck. So unless it would be funny to watch somebody fail really hard at every aspect of a level, I'm just going to watch from the sidelines.

Oh, and I also can't dash jump. At all.

Like Indie said, it doesn't matter how terrible you are. We already picked up a few heart tanks, sub tanks, and weapons. Refill your subtanks somewhere and pick the next boss that is weak (I'll list them below) to the weapon we picked up in the last series and you'll do just fine. Besides it's more fun when you keep dying or miss a jump. The best video in our X1 LP was LeadingMan's Sigma Stage 1 for the flying platforms.

We still have Magna Centipede, Crystal Snail, Overdrive Ostrich unclaimed. Listed those in order from their weakness.

Lanz is (supposedly) going to do one of these in the coming weeks too. But feel free to call any of them before him since he's busy with stuff that's more important in his life like work and college. Pssssht.

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