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LP Request Thread


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So, hey guess what I'm stealing a thread idea from Something Awful. Yay.

Anyways, this is going to be pinned, and if you guys have any requests for LPs, make em here. I know a couple of people have mentioned some games they'd like to see LP'ed in the chat and in various sections of the site... So now here's a place we can keep track of em.

I know personally I'd love to see some requests as I have a feeling I want to do at least 1 more right after the Kain games, but I'm running dry on ideas.

I guess a decent format would be:

Game Title

System: (If you care)

Style: (Informative, Making fun of it, Collect-a-thon, Live with no editing, whatever)

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Ico and Shadow of Colossus

Playstation 2

I am sure Shadow of Colossus would be a great Subtitle LP because it has a great soundtrack


Also Metroid Prime Trilogy, but i am sure there are more than enough good ones out there that i have yet to see.

I'm tempted to at least do the first Prime. I still haven't tried corruption yet, and Echoes was just too hard...

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I request a bunch more camcorder LPs full of dated Internet jokes!

... Just kidding. Honestly, I don't know what game I'd like seeing LPed. Jade Empire would be fun, but it's an RPG. So it'd probably need to be screencapped, except then there's so much optional dialogue... It wouldn't be fair to cut it all out, but it would be really dull to leave it in.

But somebody needs to LP Urban Reign on Hard or Very Hard. THAT would be impressive.

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