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Once again I seem to be having trouble with my gawd damn computer and PC games.

I just bought Boderlands, (by the way, it's pretty kick ass so far.)

EXCEPT that for some fucking reason the sound isn't working in game.

Oh, I get sounds during the opening credits and the drive up to the first town, but in-game....it's a fucking ghost town. No sound. Nothing.

Really? What the hell? lol

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Can'yt unfortunately I pirated it too. Although I may end up picking it up for xbox despite completing it twice already.

But if you wanna download tunngle I could always play with you on that. Same applies to you artie get tunngle and hit me upppppppppppppppp

you can play online anyway. theres nothing stopping you. all you need is the gamespy name or whatever.

my name is lordarchan btw. add me!

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