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The first time I played the demo I thought all the new stuff (like new items, "too many" guns, etc) but now that I've gotten used to it I'm down.

Although, the new characters are not as cool as the old ones. JUST SAYIN'. There is a complete lack of a Vietnam veteran in this game, and because Francis will not even make a cameo I am boycotting it.

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Why can't we just be happy with good ol' fashioned flesheating zombies?

Your old fashioned zombies aint cool no more grandpa!

Or it's mostly because they're boring as fuck to anyone who is isn't functionally retarded. In fact the only way to even make a zombie interesting in a videogame is to either gimp the main character so they can't aim or walk, or to make them super fast and super strong and allow the player to control normally.

The second proves much more fun in a multiplayer fps setting.

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all i gotta say is after playing the DARK CARNIVAL campaign that took 2 hours, (we died alot) featuring a level that is THE TUNNEL OF LOVE as a level with the finale being a huge rock concert you set up with pyro technics taht kill zombies to attract a helicopter (seeing the lights and fireworks) fucking awesome experience cant wait to play the other 4 campaigns get used to them and get to versus!

L4D2 is everything it was hyped to be and more. in L4D theyre came a point where playing campaign wasn't fun, and survival was okay but versus was the core, I can imagine playing these campaigns because theyre are so many crazy things in them like being able to play wack a mole and get a high score in the middle of a theme park, and the ai director changes around directions. and with the two new game modes I know I'll be busy !

So exciting between this and modern warfare 2 Im set for online gaming for xmas (and Aion when I get over this FPS frenzy of releases)

let me add that all the new guns are awesome, the gernade launcher is great for taking out the tank, and so are the INCINARY ROUNDS, explosive rounds are good too, they make zombies explode into realistic gibs of gore, its easily the goriest game Iv'e ever played. and I finally got to feel like ASH from evil dead when I found a Chainsaw Oh my god that is insane to plow through zombies with a chainsaw (too bad it runs out of gas) the samurai sword is awesome too, but what really i thought was awesome even though its something small is you can find laser sights for your weapons, probrably 1 or 2 stashs per campaign which gives laser sight obviously and increases accuracy amazingly on any gun (so the AK47 becomes the best gun in my opinion with this add-on) add some incenerary or explosive rounds and we got a party.

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The sacrifice was Fn awesome playing as the original 4 characters from L4d1 in L4d2...I wanted to be Grandpa Bill but I got stuck with Louis, and the guy who played grandpa bill was all red on the bridge so I as a pill seeking nigga decided to jump down and restart the generator myself, sacrificing louis instead of who your suppose to sacrifice grandpa bill.

I wish they had it be RANDOM in the passing, so you can make it RANDOM in the sacrifice.

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