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Torchlight *free steam demo*


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a really fun demo, alot of the development team from blizzard North old-school diablo created this game, it is very much theyre own sequal to diablo and a really really amazingly fun game to play while waiting for D3, go ahead and grab the demo, they have skill trees, great combat, a great graphic system... I am not sure I'd buy it as I am about to get dragon age origions but it is a great Diablo style game! give it a try please!

Diablo 1 and diablo 2 fans will LOVE it.

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alot of the development team from blizzard North

Actually it's really more by the team who created fate, as it shares much more in common with that game than even say mythos. But yeah overall it's pretty fun. I do think it's pretty funny that pretty much everything they have in the game looks a suspicious amount like the Diablo 3 teaser we released when the game was announced, and Torchlight only had a one year dev cycle... hmm... lol

But seriously, it's pretty fun. The dog sending back your unused items for gold is pretty great and I love that they actually gave it a character sheet / items.

I'm not sure how they're going to make it into an MMO tho. Maybe ala guild wars...

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