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Oh yeah! About that whole Dragon Age: Origins thingy. I've played a hour or so of it and liked it a lot. Nothing really mind blowing or something that will pull me away from the big stuff that's about to drop in the next few weeks, but still a lot of fun. Mass Effect 2 will probably be out by the time I can play it again though, which will push it back further on the "to finish" list.

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Oh yeah! About that whole Dragon Age: Origins thingy. I've played a hour or so of it and liked it a lot. Nothing really mind blowing or something that will pull me away from the big stuff that's about to drop in the next few weeks, but still a lot of fun. Mass Effect 2 will probably be out by the time I can play it again though, which will push it back further on the "to finish" list.

Yea, Id like to play it too, but it'll definitely take a backseat to ME2 when it comes out. plus i just started Mass Effect again so that'll push Dragon Age back even further on my list XD

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(spoiler alert but these are to help you NOT FUCK UP IN THE LONG RUN LIKE I DID)

you can kill alot of your party members or make them leave, this is a spoiler but its for your own good. In the mage tower, Wuynne didn't like the decision I made and decided to leave group and fight me so I killed her, later I read up that she stays forever and is the best healer in the game... and that was 30 hours ago or else I'd re-load it.. so do yourself a favor and DONT kill wynne. The only reason Im gunna kill her next play through is because I am going to roll a mage after I beat the game with my assassian (Theirs only 2 mages you can get in the whole game, and Morrigan is purely DPS but I specced her to do SOME healing) but wynne can power heal and ressurect and do crazy shit that I really could use at this point in the game. (and all the boss fights where I used 200 health poltices and still died etc) so don't make my mistake if your not rolling a mage already.

and unless you keep giving gifts to morrigan and make her fall in love with you I was told she will leave your party before the last (extremely hard) boss fight, so I did that, which means I would have NO mage at all if I didnt fuck her 20 times and give her all these gifts, also talking to her in camp will add +'s to your status with her, save everytime before you talk cuz if you answer wrong you'll get dissaproval ratings from her.

and don't trust Zevran, I didn't kill him and let him join, I never bothered to use him since I am an assasian but He'll just turn his back on you later annd try to kill you when he meets back with the crows even if he's not in your party, and you kill him for good. Not to mention adding him to your party does nothing but lower approval ratings of everyone else, I would only get him if you didnt roll an assasian and need one. So just fucking kill zevran after he ambushes you in the first encounter.. he's not worth the extra hassle.

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Zevran is fine you just need a high approval rating with him to make him stay, just like all the other characters.

oh I know but he's a douche and if your an assasian theirs no reason to use him, and he rolled an assasian so just murder him get the xp and up approval ratings early on of party members.

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I?m confused.... how do you roll a mage? Or an assassin? is this some sort of move? Please explain.

It's an MMO term for create. And I pretty certain I didn't take a moral hit. Then again I wasn't using evil party members, so compassion was seen as approval.

But yeah, it's really not a big deal. If you know how to deal with it, you can do anything you want. That's part of playing the game. Btw, Zevran is nothing next to what happens when you (secret abbey at the end of the redcliffe line spoiler)

poison the urn

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Fuck this. Stuck in the Fade. I walk into a room as the burning man cause i had to open a door that was in a fire, then 5 fucking mages spam me with icebolts killing me instantly. Or the only time i was ever able to get through, i got frozen and couldnt do anything till they killed me. FML

I fucking hate that room so god damn much. If you can survive just long enough, they'll turn on each other, and you can just take out the last few.

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they announced an official expansion pack and im PUMPED. plus a new DLC within the next week or two (return to ostagar)

PS: I made a new character, still a rogue but made him an archer and at level 15 I already have a highest damage of 244 (achieved at like level 10) my highest with a rogue using sword/dagger was 98. Archery does huge fucking damamge. I also am making choices to get bad-ass specilizations, I made Alistar a REAVER just now by defiling the ashes of andraste while last time I protected them. Reavers are fuckign awesome only ahve two abilities so far for him but the first one is he DEVOURS enemy corpses to regain his health.

On my third play through I am going to play a warrior that daul wields words, and goes reaver, and have alistar stay templay and then go Champion. Then use Mage an Rogue.

and yes I will play through 3 times, why not? the games amazing.

Anyway 10 hours into my second playthrough and it all feels so fresh, nothing seems repetetive as I am taking different choices of action and I fucking think this is the best RPG to come out in so many years. The two DLC's I beat after I beat the game and are alot of fun but really short, I am hoping the third DLC will be longer (atleast 1-2hours, golem one took me 45 minutes TOPS, and the wardens keep seemed fast, maybe it was an hour but maybe less) Hoping the next dlc adds even more than just 1-2 hours, maybe 3-4!? but I know they are planning on minimum of 10 DLC's from what I've read and with an expansionpack coming, holy jesus im pumped. game gets better and better.

edit: I also made sure Leliana wasn't in the party when I defiled the ashes, if she is she may leave the party and fight you, when I got back to camp she questioned me which could lead to her leaving or a huge loss in her liking you (which may lead to her leaving) instead being a rogue my coercion count over checked hers and my lie saying that they had been safe she believed, and gave me +5 to her. so right now I have Morrigan at 100percent (love) and Leliana at 75 (need to get to 100 to bang her) when she questioned me about me and morrigan having sex, I once again Coerced and beat her check and said we had just gone in to talk, and that we where friends, which she believed and added more points to her liking me so its working out well!

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To make this playthough even better, now Alistar is a Templar / Reaver (evil), Morrian is a shapeshifter / Combat Mage (can wear plate, use sword/shield and use spells amazing class, takes away an extra warrior from the party), and I am an assasin / Ranger (only using ranger abilities).

But Reaver is the coolest class in the game imo, Alistar replenishes all his health by devouring the corpses of whom we kill, and combat mage mages Morrigan a fucking magic blasting tank with sword, shield and plate mail. TOO COOL.

and this time, instead of freeing the wear-wolves and helping the elves, I decided to attack the dalish with the werewolves slaughtering the entire city, so at the landsmeet I'll have the werewolves on my side rather than the elves. TOO COOL


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Just downloaded RETURN TO OSTAGAR!!! its leaked! grab it while its hot, or if you prefer to buy it (supposdly 5 dollars PC/PS3/XBOX360) it'll be out next week, I just couldn't get WAIT to get my hands on it. Basis is survivers are at ostagar and it gives you a second chance to recruit "dog" into your party. Im installing the cracked 1.01b verison in order to run it, then ill take off and play it on my new characters

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