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  1. 1. So what do I do about these fuckers

    • Quit the job
    • Accept part time
    • Quit the job....SCANDALOUSLY

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Wow I didn't think I would ever post in the Rant Pit but shit is just getting so out of hand. Don't laugh....I work at the Macy's. In the men's department, but.... Yeah. It's bad. Everyone knows that mall jobs aren't fun. Especially around Christmas time. All those people milling around our brightly lit, Christmasy displays and usually they don't even buy anything it's enough to drive any sane person completely DEMENTED.

It all started when we started ranking cashiers based on how many people fill out our online surveys. You know those things where you call a number (But for us its online) Now of course nobody fills these out except random people that want to fill out a quiz for some reason. It's just not that important. Jesus!!!

So....I'm a great Macy's employee. I keep the clothes filled up. I sell a lot of men's cologne. I offer credit to everyone! But in this Survey Contest or whatever it was I placed last and the supervisor took that opportunity to cut my hours to fifteen a week from forty. Now I know I just said I hate working at macy's. Well yeah it's bad. But I need the hours. I've got rent, car payments, and my gas bills in winter in ND! This is when I've been getting forty for months and months. Suddenly....15. This is with Christmas coming up and they're about to hire a bunch of new people too.

Well I guess you guys can't do much for me. Hell I'm pretty sure I'm going to quit so forget about the poll too. Here's some advice, though....Don't work at Macy's. Work somewhere else instead. Peace out. --Sage

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That's fucking ridiculous (the survey thing). They're not rewarding you for being a good worker, they're rewarding you for convincing people to take inane surveys (which only crazy people take, they have to know that -- how many of the people who designed those surveys would take a survey if someone behind the counter told them to?).

I'd get a new job if some shit like that happened... it might be hard, but think about it this way: is there really a way you could get a much worse job?

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Yeah, there's really no point keeping track of those surveys.

I couldn't get a much worse job, but i have this problem i have really bad OCD and I'm paranoid about smelling bad. I worked at a pizza place once and the smell of my skin would give me retarded nightmares. Plus the workstation was arranged differently every day. Thats part of why I liked the Macys too everything pretty much stays where you put it. I don't think anyone noticed that at macy's though. I guess they definitely wouldn't notice any of that anywhere else.

I went to work today.....still pretty frustrated.....the supervisor sucks WOW MY WHOLE LIFE IS TERRIBLE!!! I dunno what I'm going to do. All I know is despite all they've done I'm doing what I'm supposed to do and doing it right!!!

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work for Lord & Taylor, or one of Macy's other competitors?

Not to be a troll but Lord and Taylor is just a higher end version of macy's that is wait for it owned by Macy's. Case and point Macy's owns every taditional mall department store brand except that of JCpenny's Sears and the rare but existent Bon Ton.

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