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Galexia Sells Out with Radio Edit Single


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is the radio edit version of "Narcotize" the title track to the current album I am working on, which my exec said has cross over potential to be a huge hit on many different type of radio stations. on the CD it will be in its 11:33 format with its long trippy intro and ambient vocals, and ambient floyd like outro but this version kicks just into the middle action verses and choruses, toss some feedback! I am going to re-work the intro of the song for the edit because it doesn't flow as well as in the real version, it seems sudden in the radio edit so I am going to make some kind of adjustment.

to listen to the actual version go to http://galexia.muxtape.com/ and scroll to the last box, on the bottom, first track. the only difference is the first verse on the actual version is low in volume which I fixed for the radio edit

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