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Mega Man 10 announced


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Commando Man. 10 is going to be another robot sausage fest since there's not going to be any women robot masters this time around.

but ummm isn't it rightfully called Megaman X(since X means ten in roman numeral)

X is a name, not a number. The original series never used Roman numerals anyway, that was Capcom USA's silly idea.

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Robot Master designs aren't as generic (9) or crazy over the top (6) as they could have been.



Commando Man: Attacks with a powerful explosive wave.

Blade Man: Attacks with three swords.

Nitro Man: Can transform into a motorcycle.

Sheep Man: Splits up and creates lightning strikes.

Solar Man: Absorbs attacks and attacks with solar energy from his head.

Chill Man: Fires an icy shot.

Pump Man: Has a water-themed shield weapon.

Strike Man: Throws a powerful fastball.

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