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Accelerated Evolution

Transformers War For Cybertron

Silver Cyclone

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It's great through your first campaign (Decepticons come first in the story, but you can still pick Autobots) until you play the other faction and realize both campaigns are just one big copy and paste job.

I'm not really a Transformers guy, but still had fun with it. I would imagine if you are into them you'd get much more out of it.

Multiplayer is also good but there's not much variety to it. Some weapons are way over powered too and everyone picks scouts with a clocking ability then goes around melee killing everyone (since a melee kill is a 1-hit kill.) Escalation, which is basically Horde/Gunfight, also is a lot of fun but just about every game I've come across no one wants to play it for fun. They just want to go in, beat Wave 15 for their achievement/trophy and quit the game.

After a week of playing the game it already feels like I've exhausted everything that's fun about it.

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