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Accelerated Evolution

Let's Play: Disney's Aladdin


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Developers: Virgin Interactive, Disney Interactive Studios

Platform: Genesis

Table of Contents:

1. Agrabah Market

2. The Desert

3. Agrabah Rooftops

4. Sultan's Dungeon

5. Cave of Wonders

6. Escape

7. Carpet Ride

8. Inside the Lamp

9. Sultan's Palace

10. Jafar's Palace

Merry Christmas Accelerated Evolution!

As with last year's Rocket Knight Adventure, all the videos are already up and ready for perusal at your leisure. Check out the adventure of Prince Ali. (I hear he faced the galaping lords, a hundred bad guys with swords and sent those goons to their lords...)

Seriously though, if you don't know the plot of Aladdin go watch the movie. This game isn't going to help any...

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