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Help MEH!!


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Hey I'm at a crossroads for an idea for another tattoo I wanna get.. I mean I like the Kojima one... but I really want an Impulse(Bart Allen) one that isn't too silly... and not to insane to draw... so images can help....and umm i'm prolly gonna get it this Tuesday also.... so please help me.

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He could always wear a fur suit to cover it up.

or just cosplay as Inuyasha. no tattoo needed. he'd get all the bitches that love Inuyasha and also appease the fur crowd.

granted the former group is the most annoying people you'll ever meet on the face of the earth. girls who are into anime aren't that annoying, but the ones who obsess over shonen/shoujo are annoying and prissy. (although they put out faster then a shitfaced girl at a bar :hardgay:)

oh hey there mini-rant. anyway, i vote on a megaman style tat! like one of the Sigma logos or something.

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