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So yeah...


Good place to see trailers for movies that are about to come out or have just had a trailer leaked.

Movies I want to see included...

the Karate Kid

Clash of the Titans

She's out of my League


Robin Hood

and some others.

I'ma just use this thread for future trailers and what have you.

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i don't care if i'm the only twenty something in a sea of six year olds in the theater. opening night.

I forget what cartoon movie it was that I saw with my sister, I think maybe Kung Fu Panda, but she went to get snacks at start of film and I was sitting there alone. I think every dad thought I was a pedo.

"sup guys, just hear to see Kung Fu Panda alone"

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Well I think it’s official… Adam Sandler has finally hit rock bottom. Just when you thought he was starting to break out of his comedic slump with dramatic performances in movies like Funny People and Reign Over Me, he goes and stars in a movie that looks exactly like one of the parodies from Funny People. It’s clear from the trailer for his next film Jack and Jill that he simply doesn’t care anymore. He has now entered into Eddie Murphy / Wayans Brothers territory.
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