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New Dawn of War expansion coming out


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I wouldn't mind Dark Eldar, though I think Necrons would be lame. They've already set it up to be Necrons though, what with the ending of Winter Assualt and all. Sisters of Battle would be awesome, but they really don't have enough different units to work with.

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I hope it's Nids myself. Tau are sweet. When I played Warhammer 40K, I played Tau (and I may still pick the game up again, at some undefined point in the future when I have money).

Tyranids are probably my second favorite. I don't really like Necrons. Very boring, IMO. Dark Eldar I don't really care for.

I wish they would make a Gorkamorka expansion, though. Or stand alone game. I don't care. I want Gorkamorka.

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or make them expensive as hell like in the table top game.

All I know is that the one time I played against Necrons their revive ability was entirely too good. I could kill 50% of them every turn and my enemy got at least 1/3rd of them back (he wasn't rolling very well, either). While, on the other hand, with average rolls he could destroy my army.

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Xenomorphs from Alien --> Tyranids --> Zerg

This is the hierarchy. There is no deviation.

While it would be hard to deny the influence that Alien had on Games-Workshop's development of the Tyranids, it is still an influence, where as the Zerg come dangerously close to blatant rip-off.

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