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Accelerated Evolution

Fist Fight!



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  1. 1. Who would win!

    • Dr. Pepper
    • Mr. Pibb

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Mr Pibb would win in a fist fight (note the rogue nature of both Dr Pepper and Mr Pibb not using periods after their title), simply because he is extreme and grew his body instead of his mind. Unfortunately, he has no backup job once his merchandise goes down.

Now in a battle of wills and wits, Dr Pepper wins. He tricked hundreds, thousands into believing Diet Dr Pepper is acceptable, because it "tastes just like" regular Dr Pepper. He even went rogue and combined cherry and vanilla coke into one, with his own trademark flavor. What does Pibb do? One flavor, and he had to become extreme just to keep up. Plus the good doctor has a job to fall back on, but he is responsible for numerous kids with weight and bone problems, so maybe he wouldn't get hired.

"What's the deal with Mr Pibb? Dude didn't even get his degree. Stay in school man, don't rush into the pop industry." - Mitch Hedberg

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Well, I don't like either, but as the good doctor is more educated he will think of a way to beat that layman Mr. Pibb and design a super kill device or something.

Dr Pepper: Didn't I tell you that you should never bring a fist to a quantum acceleration scattering tube fight!?

Mr Pibb: But it is supposed to be a FIST fight!

Anyway, yeah, Tripod sucks.

Also, note once again the lack of periods after the titles, because they don't have them.

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