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early FF13 reviews


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This was a good read, with games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, I am wondering what FF13 really holds that is unique, I mean destroying all side quests, mini games, TOWNS, and world map is one thing, all I can imagine this game being is one long linear story driven game without the ability to slink around towns and find side quests, or destroy ruby weapon, go skiing at the gold saucer, things that in my opinion MADE certain games alot more fun... hmm... and for the so far average.


84%, while I know they'll be the inevitable 10/10's automatically due to the title, I wonder what some of the lower scoring reviews will be like, a score in the 70's right off the bat isn't a good sign in my opinion. and this is suppose to be the last "Final Fantasy" style "Final Fantasy" game... hm... but no towns? side quests?

Im worried.

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Says the fag that liked FF8 and you say I have bad taste in rpgs? lol

Play the game, I don't care if you waste yer money. I can look at the game and tell it's going to suck. Eye candy will only take you so far.


And for the record. You telling me that I have played shitty rpgs in the past is fucking moot and has no real meaning or usefulness in this post.

We all have played shitty rpgs jack ass. I am just blunt about how bad a game is, you can't even admit that much.

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I liked FF8 as well dude. Many people did.

hey Scar, how about this...Maybe he thinks the game doesn't look that bad? Maybe, just maybe his opinion differs from yours. I know that seems really weird and all but maybe it does. Just because YOU don't think it's going to be good doesn't mean he will not like it. Perhaps you should just shut the fuck up for once if you have nothing useful to say other than just saying how people are retarded because they think it might still have a chance to be good.

He has nothing to admit if he thinks the game might be alright. Again, just because you think it'll be shitty doesn't mean his opinion has to line up with yours.

Anyway, like I said, it's most likely gonna be bad, but I'm still gonna give it a play and make my own decision on it.

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Uh, grats or something. You outstanding internet guy. Way to get his back, that's all cute and stuff.

Look at the thread. I was not the one that started anything, Hipster talked shit to ME and I came back. That's the way of the internet. Don't start shit talking if you don't want the repercussions. If you didn't want my opinion then don't read my replies. If not, shut the fuck up.

and for the last time. FF8 sucked. If you liked that game you have bad taste in rpgs.

If FF13 turns out to be good I would be shocked beyond all belief.

granted I don't have a 360 or a PS3, but when I get one I would't buy the game unless it was 20 bucks in some bargain bin.

For fucks sake I bought FFx-2 for 10 bucks and still don't know why. lol

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FF8 did not suck, you just didn't like it. A lot of people did, and a lot of people didn't. I have a fine taste in RPGs thank you very much.

Other people are entitled to have other opinions than you. And there is a big difference between a playful jab and just outright insults buddy. How about you just shut the fuck up? There was no reason to continue anything at all, because it was obviously not a serious insult at all.

I didn't say I didn't want your opinion, but calling others retarded because they don't agree with you in just sad.

And nobody said you have to buy any game. You can just as easily rent it for a fraction of the price, which is what I plan on doing since I'm on the fence about this game still.

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Holy crap people still rent games?

Also, wait...what? He can take jabs at me, but I can't do it back to him? lol Grow up.

Look you got into a dispute between me and Indy, so why not just leave it at that. All the same, I do not terribly love it when I get bashed for talking on a subject. There was no malice in my first post. Just a...YES an opinion. Granted I have nothing to back up my claims. Agreed. I have not played FF13 I have not read any reviews. I have seen minimal trailers. I know, next to nothing about the game entirely.

There is one thig I have read about the game that gives it a certain appeal to me. One person has mentioned that the game haas a sort of FF6 aspect to it. They said something along the lines that the game opens up in the second half and acts a lot like FF6 with it's open'ness with sidequest and what have you. Then again I have also heard the game is linear as fuck, so who knows right?

I'll leave that to all the morons who are going to waste 60 bucks for the game and see what they say about it. What I do know is that people are already selling the game back in japan. It's selling back at like a third of the cost and even games like Call of Duty (which don't sell well over in japan...COMPARED to FF and what have you) are still selling back at full price.

So yeah.

With that minimal knowledge and Square's previous track history it leads me to believe that game isn't anything to nut over.

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There's a difference between a jab and an outright attack. Just so you know. And if it was only a dispute between you and Indy then there was no reason to say "You are all retarded". That opens the dispute up to everybody in the thread.

And yea, tons of people rent games. Especially from Gamefly. It's actually pretty popular.

FF hasn't been anything to nut over in a long time. I really really didn't like FFX or FFX2, 11 just sucked, 12 I didn't like so 13 can't be much better, but I'll find that out for myself. Right now the game has my benefit of the doubt that it could still be alright. Hence why Im going to play it for myself. Either through borrowing it from somebody or just renting it.

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That's fine, and you'd do good to learn that me calling "everyone" retarded is just playful banter. Hate it or love it, that's me. Now, an attack on my personal rpg expertise...that's unforgivable. lol

I have a reputation to uphold you know. lol

And for the record. I am done with thinking highly of any game, (granted I purely focus on rpgs, but I digress.) If I think a game is going to suck and it turns out good, then yeah, awesome. I don't want FF games to suck, but that's been the trend. 11 shouldn't have been part of the numbered series because it is targeted towards an entirely different crowd. X had a great engine, but good fucking lord was that story just horrendous. 12 is fun, but I'm not too far, and people say it doesn't have a strong finish and the game kinda stop midway or something. I dunno.

I don't want the game to suck. I'm no hater I don't wish for this game to be a piece of shit. Who does that? lol What a waste of time. I just don't see much appeal in this game that is supposed to be Final Fantasy, not Xenosaga 4 or some Star Ocean rip off. What exactly is so FF about this game? Each new game seems to take away just a little bit more of what made this series great.

Like I said, my opinion barely matters because I can't even play it if I wanted to. Hell, it took me 5 years to play FF12, and I had a PS2! lol

Pretty just doesn't do it for me anymore. Actually it never did.

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yea, 10 looked pretty, but the game was just bad. I agree that 11 shouldnt be in the number system, but regardless of that fact it was still horrible. if you want to play an MMO play a good one.

12...ehh...it had its moments. It looked gorgeous sure, and i guess it was kinda fun...i just couldn't really get into it.

I look at how pretty a game is, just because I like to see how a game can perform from a technical standpoint, since that's the types of things I look at. I look at Gears of War II for example and I see all the work that went into it with all the normal mapping, texturing and modeling. Not to mention getting it all to render with no slowdown or any hiccups. Now, other than that, I don't judge a game just based on how it looks. A game can look shitty to today's standards like say Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI, but it doesn't mean it's any less awesome. I love that game and will always love it, even if the graphics are dated. So in that regard I completely agree with you. I just also like to be impressed by a nice engine just because that's the kind of things I'm into.

Even if it isn't like other Final Fantasy games it could still be good. Just in a different way. Which I guess isn't so great because the non-linear gameplay of Final Fantasy is partially what made the series amazing, but it could still be a good game nonetheless, so I'll save my judgment for when it comes out, it may surprise me.

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Well that's why I have all you assholes. lol

You all are my game reviews. I pretty much only jump into threads that have rpg ties.

I read that Nomura wanted a female character in the image of Cloud. This was you know ages ago, but right there kinda killed me on the idea of 13. For fucks sake, can we ever get away from FF7? No? Why must we have MCs that resemble MCs from the same series? Why does everyone have a boner for FF7 and Cloud? Dude wasn't anything more then an identity thief. lol

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I loved FFVII. Sure Cloud was an identity thief, but the fact that he wasn't...well...perfect and was sort of a dick made him much more believable. To me anyway. Even more than Cloud I liked Sephiroth though. It's part of why FFVII just barelly over takes FFVI as my favorite of the series.

I guess when a series runs as long as FF has, they just run out of ideas and start copying old MC's and ideas from earlier games.

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Cloud was...whatever. lol I won't get into that right now. My hatred for FF7 comes more from the fanboys. Besides a couple glaring things, I didn't mind FF7 all that much.

Flawed humans are great, because it represents all that we strive to be. Perfect MCs are just dumb. My favorite example of a flawed MC is Luke from tales of the Abyss. My gawd does he make you hate him at first. he gets used and abused and the entire cast pretty much hates him for a good portion of the game, but he doesn't give up. He admits to his faults, his ignorance of life and tries his best to set everything right.

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For the record, i wasnt really judging you. It was a tongue in cheek comment. Proper reaction would have been " I happen to like those RPG's". Frankly its a fucking video game. Who cares. I will play FF13 whether you dont like it or anyone else doesnt like it. Its just like if a new Suikoden comes out, you will get a hardon over it whether it gets good or bad reviews. When it comes down to it. RPGs are getting stale and boring

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Wait, people still base their purchases on reviews? Sad.

If you refuse to play a game because of low scores or scores that aren't omgwtf 98% on metacritic you're cheating yourself out of a possibly great experience.

I absolutely LOVED Darksiders, but it only got a decent score on Metacritic.

Did that stop me from loving the game? No.

Also arguing over FF8 is ridiculous. It was a love story. Love it or hate it, get over yourselves.

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Geez. You'd think after reading this thread that people have different opinions and tastes then others. Since we're not actually talking about FF13 anymore in this thread,

Offtopic: I'm looking forward to FF13 if only because I'm getting it as a birthday present and there isn't anything that interesting coming out in March besides Mega Man 10.

I absolutely LOVED Darksiders, but it only got a decent score on Metacritic.

Did that stop me from loving the game? No.

8s and 9s are not "decent" scores.

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Geez. You'd think after reading this thread that people have different opinions and tastes then others. Since we're not actually talking about FF13 anymore in this thread,

Offtopic: I'm looking forward to FF13 if only because I'm getting it as a birthday present and there isn't anything that interesting coming out in March besides Mega Man 10.

8s and 9s are not "decent" scores.

those would be considered "good" scores.

And Adam, you say you don't care if a game gets bad reviews, but you look at reviews apparently using metacritic as an example. fail.

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