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I Guess Someone Better Came Along


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So yeah...

Time for a good ole Scarface styled rant, and those are the best kinds!


Sio, for the past month or so I have been "talking" to this girl. Me and her met at my sisters birthday party, she was a friend of my sister. Despite my dad's and other peop we really diodn't click or anything that night. I was just introduced to her. Fast forward to like the next week when I was posting pictures of that evening on facebook, the girl starts messaging me via that awful website. So we get to talking, pretty much by exchanging messages online. A cute pen pal type of deal we had going on. It was cute, I'll admit, but we were getting to know each other. She even made the not-so-subtle remark that I hadn't asked for her number yet, which I promptly did in the next message.

Point being, I was in no rush with this chick. We were feeling each other out, since we really didn't know anything about each other then we both knew my sister. So I call her up, and we talk for a good two hours. I don't do long conversations, so that one surprised me. From what I could tell the girl was really into me, or getting more comfortable with me each time we talked. She was throwing hints that she was attracted to me, calling me sexy and even calling me hun and babe over the phone. Whatever right? I've trained myself not to get over hyped about women, cause they tend to fuck you over the happier or close you get to them.

She lives about 40 minutes from me, which isn't that big of a deal, but we still had that gap to deal with regardless. She does commute to Tampa every day for school, so she does visit my town often enough. So I think, good, the distance thing won't be a problem cause she is already used to driving anyways, plus if things got serious I would have no qualm driving to go visit her.

So far so good. We have been talking on the phone, I was enjoying our conversations, she kept throwing subtle hints that she was digging me. What could possibly go wrong?

WELL! Here's the thing. During all this, I had a pre-planned vacation set up that was right around the corner. I also had set up a date for us, and she was more then willing to accept. We planned the date for Friday, but changed it to saturday because of her job and time restraints. Now, Saturday is noteworthy because it was also the Gasparilla parade.


If you don't know anything about Gasparilla it is basically Tampa's way of celebrating the times when pirates would sail up to our bay, land, and begin to rape, slaughter and pillage the bay for their own entertainment and what not. We celebrate that! Hell that's where our football team came from!


Anyways, I already was set to go to Gasparilla, and the chick didn't get out of work until 8 anyways. I could do both of these things without screwing the date up! I also couldn't change the date because I was leaving for my trip the next day right after work. Saturday nigth was the only time I could see the girl before leaving for a week, so I would be damned if I missed this oppurtunity.

The parade was a sloppy mess, I got shit faced trashed, but not to the point where I couldn't recover. (That's one of the good things about a parade that starts you off drinking at 9am. lol) By the time it was all said and done I was already drinking water and sobering up, and it was around 5-6 anyways...plenty of time.

I got ready for my date. I bathed, flossed, shaved, brushed, plucked, got some nice smelling man perfume, did whatever was needed to look my best. I didn't want to show up looking like a drunk pirate you know? lol And besides I hadn't seen this chick since my sister's party. Gotta make sure we click in person too.

We went and saw "When in Rome", shitt film, but who cares right. The only thign I had going against me, was that I had to turn away because of all the booze coming back to haunt me. You know, when you get that beer burp that doesn't quite come out, but you stil have to repress them? Yeah, those. I didn't make a scene, just turned away if one was creeping up or something.

The date went great. We talked, laughed, and she even sat next to me whe I raised that stupid arm rest. she was basically sitting in my lap during the whole movie. There was a definite attraction involved. We were both having a good time. All I needed to do was seal it with a kiss and things would be solid.


Movie ends, and I walk her back to her car. It's chilly outside so she agrees to drive me back to my car. We talk in her car for over two hours again, just BS'ing. I'm leaving for Tallahassee the net day, so I'm thinking of some slick way of doing this kiss and leaving a lasting impression.

I do just that. I mention that as I had told her, I'll be leaving for a week. That I had a great time with her, and I want to do it again, but that if she left me with a kiss I could hold out for a week. you know, remind me what I am leaving or something romantic like that? Whatever. The way I presented that proposition didn't go as planned. I blame the booze still flowing in my system, but like I said...nothing I could not handle.

She played down how goofy I was and we still kissed at the end of the night. Not a huge kiss, just a little tongue. Enough to know that both sides enjoyed it. I know she did, I could see it in her eyes after we backed off a little. In my eyes, the date went off great. She even excplicitly said she had a great time and wanted us to do something for Valentines.

Good stuff right? How can this possibly go wrong you say? Well let me finish the fucking story! My trip comes around. We talk the entire time while I'm gone. She calls and says she misses me and can't wait till I come back, blah blah blah. I eat all this shit up. I mean for that entire week she seemed genuinely interested in me. On the last day...THE LAST DAY of my vacation she texts me.

"We need to talk."


Nothing ever good comes out of those words. Either, "hey I'm a dude" or "hey I have herpes" or "hey I'm pregnant" usually comes after those words are spoken. Either way, it's never good! I bascially knew it was over at that second. I just wanted to know why.

I get back to town and she is now avoiding my calls. She calls me the next day and pretty much says this.

"You know that thing you wanted to happen between us? Yeah, that's not gonig to happen."

What the fuck? Turns out bitch McGee found someone else and pretty much tossed me to the side. She said that she felt this way every since our date, but didn't want to tell me. She fucking wanted me to enjoy my vacation. So what? You lied to me for that entire fucking week? Bull shit.

Turns out she didn't think of me that way ever. Bull shit. Turns out she thinks I'm a great guy and that she is foolish and any other girl would be lucky to be with a guy like me...but not her? Bull shit. Oh, and she still wants to be friends with me. Hahahaha

I am not sure what exactly happened, but I;m pretty sure it has to do with another guy coming along. Maybe someone from her past, or whatever. Some tool who is going to treat her like shit, or has treated her like shit, and she is going right back to his whoring ass.

Either way I was left high and fucking dry as usual. This always happens to me. I get along great with a girl. Nothing is seemingly wrong and then...BAM. She leaves me for some other dude, or I wasn't quite what they were looking for, or they are a stupid bitch and doesn't know any better.

I just don't get it. This happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME! I'm so tired of it.

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I know exactly what you mean, they string you a long and are cock teasing you so much, you go out a few times and bam they fucking act like nothing ever happened. It seems like you have to treat women like pieces of shit or they don't stick around. What ever, fuck her dude. Move on, you don't want trash like that, let her get abused.

I'd say you'll find someone nice but honestly I have no idea, because I'm in the same situation and still looking. So I'm not going to bullshit you, I hope we both find what we're looking for.

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It's just fucking funny you know? You have to laugh at this kind of shit or you start feeling all down. lol

My last girlfriend right? She leaves me, for her fucking monkey loving ex boyfriend who was in jail or something. she tells me this as to like...I dunno rub it in my face. Well guess it didn't work out and like 3 months afterwards she calls me up telling me how she made a mistake and wanted to get back together.

What the fuck bitch? NO.

you had a choice and you choose someone other then me. YOU! You decided that I wasn't good enough and you left me for some other dude. No I won't get back with you.Are you fucking redtarded or something?

And I'm the bad guy for not taking her back!?

I just don't get it.

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I know exactly what you mean dude. Same shit has happened to me on multiple occasions. Bitch just plays you for a while before moving on to some other dude. It's bullshit, but honestly, I think many women enjoy doing that kind of horseshit to guys.

That's the kind of bitch that isn't worth thinking about as gummy said. She's just some trash that likes to get her kicks by messing with guys heads.

And no, you definitely aren't the bad guy in that situation with your ex. I've had that shit done to me before as well. Again, it's horseshit.

Good luck dude. I know how much that shit sucks.

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From what I could tell the girl was really into me, or getting more comfortable with me each time we talked. She was throwing hints that she was attracted to me, calling me sexy and even calling me hun and babe over the phone.

first giant red flag.

most women who use "hon/hun" before dating or even when dating, are the typical girls who tend to do this kind of shit. and if she uses a u instead of a o for hon online, get the fuck out immediately. they are the types who do not care about you at all besides enjoying the emotional response you give to them.

the best thing you can probably do in this situation is, if you haven't already, write her letter online or give her a call and (calmly) tell her if that's how she feels then that is okay with you (don't gloat about anything, just express that you no longer wish to have ties with her).

then make sure you do infact break off all ties with her. if she's your friend on facebook, unfriend her. get rid of her on aim or whatever messengers you might have. when she calls, don't pick up. if she's following you on twitter (if you even use that) delete her as a follower. when you see her in public and she says hi, just say hi back and move away from her to someone else. (the facebook thing you should probably do first, since any updates she has on her account is going to tear you the fuck up inside.)

it's easier and much more mature to do things this way instead of something else.

but yes, she really is a piece of trash that isn't worth your time. people will (and probably have) tell you to shut up and get over it, but realistically you're going to be hurt for a bit. just give yourself time to get back on your game and rememeber that life's too short to be wasting time on a person who's wasting theirs.

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I've never seen anybody spell 'hun' 'hon' ever o.O

either or. in my experience, these are the kinds of girls who are very immature and aren't worth investing any kind of emotional bond with. (ie: prissy cunts who only care about themselves)

a girl, or guy, calling you by the first name or a variation of it means a hell of a lot more. friendship or otherwise.

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either or. in my experience, these are the kinds of girls who are very immature and aren't worth investing any kind of emotional bond with. (ie: prissy cunts who only care about themselves)

a girl, or guy, calling you by the first name or a variation of it means a hell of a lot more. friendship or otherwise.

well yea, obviously, I have just never seen anybody spell 'hun' as 'hon'. that's all I meant

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Eh, I think you're blowing this out of proportion. She thought she was interested in you, did her thing to see if she could ignite any chemistry with you (she probably liked your personality but wasn't sexually attracted to you, hence the 'slightly sexy' talk), didn't really feel the date, and decided to cut it off from progressing anywhere else. Sounds like she wanted to stick it out to see if any chemistry developed. It happens a lot, on BOTH sites. Women just handle it this way. Guys will usually just be dating a few girls at the same time, then act distant to break it off. I'm actually glad she broke it off the way she did instead of leading you on further.

I did something similar recently, but he was the 'pursuer.' I gave it a shot, and broke it off when there was no chemistry. Aww, I did the "Hey, can we talk?" thing too. Damnit.

At least I wasn't a total bitch about it and didn't lead him on. :P

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Yeah, fuck that ho. lol

What do you do when you fall off the wagon?

You get right back on that bitch!

That's some garbage, dude. I'm sorry to hear you got jerked around like that. I know for a fact that dating ain't easy. The best thing to do in my experience is to slog through the "friend zone." As to what to do with this chick, I suggest what Coffee recommended. Cutting off all ties really makes it easier.

Or cockslap her, y'know, whatever.

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Oh I did cut off all ties with this chick. Took her out of my phone pretty much the day after she dawg'd me. I am not one to linger around someone who obviously gives no shit about me or my well being, or feelings I guess.

It's all good, I'm quasi-talking to this one chick right now who suits me a hell of a lot better. If only she didn't have a boyfriend, I'd be set. lol

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