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AE's Super Special Dynamic Most Favorite Anime Character Mega List!


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So why don't we make a list of each of our very own personal favorite anime characters and see how they fare against everyone elses list? You know how these things work, the person with the most votes gets placed higher and what not.

I think It'd be interesting and, fuck I'm bored at work, so why the hell not?

I'll go first and break the ice on this lil shin dig.

10. Harry MacDowell - Gungrave

9. Scar - Full Metal Alchemist - For no particular reason whatsoever! *whistles*

8. Ashitaka - Princess Mononoke

7. Hajime Saitou - Rurouni Kenshin

6. Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho

5. Vash the Stampede - Trigun

4. Optimus Prime - Transformers - Hey, he's called Convoy in anime world!

3. Guts - Berserk

2. Spike - Cowboy Bebop

1. Griffith - Berserk

Well that was my list I chopped up nice and quick without much thought, but it looks good. So, what about the rest of you all?

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1. Bernard Monsha

You know it's true. He's a guiltless womanizing tower of manliness. - Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

2. Motoko Kusanagi.

She's hot, intelligent, has a touching past, and can kill you any one of 12 billion ways. - Ghost in the Shell

3. Optimus Prime/Convoy

Hey, technically! And no, I totally hadn't read Scar's when I decided. - Transformers

4. Gendo Ikari.

Good because he's bad. The asshole you have to love. - Neon Genesis Evangelion

5. Dilandua Albatua

The bizarre horse exploding psycho movie version. - The Vision of Escaflowne

6. Tachikoma (

Seriously. How can't you love them? If you don't you either have no soul or were raped as a child (Repeatedly) - Ghost in the Shell

7. Clare

Her motivations are simple, her character isn't especially deep, but I like her. - Claymore

8. Sho Fukamachi/Guyver 1

Watch Guyver: Out of Control. Seriously. Do it now. RIGHT NOW. - Guyver

9. Hei

Chinese Electric Batman (Ignore that DtB2 shit) - Darker than Black

10. Roy Focker

Real men take shrapenel to the abdomen and shrug it the fuck off. Until they bleed out an hour or so later... - Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.

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In no particularily order.


-Kingdom Hearts. ....lololol. I have one Volumn of this. And its got Hades. I'm set for life.

Integra Hellsing

-Hellsing She's just balls out and I respect her even though she's not real.


-Kuroshitsuji ....I'm starting to have a rather noobish feel on my animu list.


-FullMetal Alchemist ...he invented sparkling. Fuck that Cullen pansy.

Kenpachi Zaraki

-Bleach ....he's badass in my opinion even though he does die.

Mines very...erhh...short due to me not watching / reading much animu.

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In no particular order...

Lupin the Third (Lupin the Third): Best thief ever

Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki (Tenchi Muyo): ADORABLE SPACE SHIP PET

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop): Badass

Narutaki (Steam Detectives): His gun shoots every possible kind of projectile (but is pretty useless) AND he has an awesome steam-powered robot

Dr. Eyepatch (Super Milk Chan): I dunno, he's just awesome

The President of Everything (Super Milk Chan): He's the President of Everything

I can't think of anymore

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Anyway, my list is as follows and is in no particular order.

Light- Bleach. Killing people in a totally mislead way is fucking awesome

Kamina- Gurren Lagann. He is a freaking pimp, he is pure win.

Gendo Ikari- Evangelion. Another mislead genious who ends up blowing up the world. AWESOME.

Alucard- Hellsing may not be one of the best animes, but I have always loved it because I find him to be a total bad ass. His gun is also amazingly awesome.

Vegeta- Dragonball Z has stood the test of time in my eyes, maybe mostly off of Nostalgia, but come on Vegeta never stops being awesome.

Byakuya- Bleach. I'm pretty sure his name translates to midnight sun. Totally fits how awesome he is. Best bankai in bleach IMO, coolest look, and the most stoic demeanor makes him one of my fav's.

Rin Ogata- Rideback. I'm sure no one here has her on their list, and most of you haven't seen this anime, but I totally recommend it. Rin the protagonist of the series finds that she is way more then a dancer and finds herself involved in some awesome action which she does not shy away from. She kicks ass.

Zero- Code Geass. I mean holy shit, not much to say about why he is awesome. Killing thousands of people. Jesus.

Clare- Claymore. The emotionless Claymores who are detached from all humans and Clare finds a human boy (Raki) whom she wants to protect and journey with. Awesome manga/anime and Clare makes Claymore amazing. She pretty much fucks up some Yoma.

Train Heartnet- Calm, loves a good fight, and is amazing at killing.

Notable Mentions: Boca from Melody of Oblivion, Rei from Evangelion, Kenpachi from Bleach should be on here but I didn't want 2 from one show.

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