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Accelerated Evolution

Let's Play Bioshock 2!

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Developer: 2K

Publisher: 2K

Systems: Xbox 360, PS3 & PC


Set approximately 10 years after the events of the original BioShock, the halls of Rapture once again echo with sins of the past. Along the Atlantic coastline, a monster — somehow familiar, yet still quite different from anything ever seen — has been snatching little girls and bringing them back to the undersea city. It is a Big Sister, new denizens of Rapture who were once one of the forgotten little girls known as Little Sisters, known to inhabit the city's dank halls. No longer a pawn used to harvest ADAM, the dangerously powerful gene-altering lifeblood of Rapture, from the bodies of others and in turn run the risk of being harvested herself, the Big Sister is now the fastest and most powerful thing in Rapture. You, on the other hand are the very first Big Daddy, in fact the prototype, that for some reason has reactivated. You are similar to the Big Daddies familiar from the original BioShock, but also very different in that you possess free will and no memory of the events of the past ten years. The question is, as you travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city beneath the waves, hunting for answers and the solution to your own survival, are you really the hunter, or the hunted?

:excl:A note to those who have never watched one of my LP's before: :excl:

When I do a "Let's Play" series it has two purposes: 1) To show people a game they're too lazy to play and 2) To make lulz. The latter, however, takes priority. If you are super serious about wanting to know exactly what's going on at all times, you probably won't like the way I do it. I have dialogues with people during cutscenes and make comments at all times simply for the lulz. I am also frequently inappropriate and curse like a drunken sailor. If none of this is an issue for you, then I invite you to play some Bioshock 2 with me.

Update Schedule

I have at least one video a week, but it's been going pretty quickly.

All videos are rendered in HD at 1080p

Table of Contents:


Part 1 - Introduction

Adonis Luxury Resort

Part 2 - Adonis Luxury Resort

Atlantic Express

Part 3 - Atlantic Express [1 of 2]

Part 3 - Atlantic Express [2 of 2]

Ryan Amusements

Part 4 - Ryan Amusements [1 of 4]

Part 4 - Ryan Amusements [2 of 4]

Part 4 - Ryan Amusements [3 of 4]

Part 4 - Ryan Amusements [4 of 4]

Pauper's Drop

***Footage has been taken for this chapter - it will be narrated and uploaded over the course of the coming week***

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