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Post the server details if:

1) The servers are not in Mexico.

2) You wanna get your ass kicked.

Yo. Go to www.ultimategamers.net make an account and play, I've logged tons of hours recently and we scrim. You can easily join, it's mostly for fun but we've scrimmed other servers like ZOD, XA, and a bunch of other people who were high up in CAL. There is a high range of play on uG. I'm mostly on assault but you can find me in Dust 2, RTV (Random maps), or our aim/awp server. Also the rules are on assault, inside by :30 seconds for CT's or slay, must go after hostages, t's cant touch ladder unless rushing roof. And the map is bulletproof, but not nadeproof. We used to have a surf server but it went defunct, I was getting boss at surfing.

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All of that sounds like fun with the exception of the bulletproof walls. Half the fun in assault is spamming assholes through the map. Are the doors bulletproof too?

Doors are also bullet proof. I've played assault for so many years that if the walls were bulletproof I can pretty much spam kill any sound through walls, even people on T cameras. I got banned from UCG for "wallhacks" because of this same reason. But yea, I actually wish it was also that way. Our dust 2 server, RTV, AIM/AWP servers you can all wall in. I'm actually baked and going to hop on and play now if you want to, my mic is on also so I'll be being an asshole too. I'm pretty sure we're friends on steam, right?

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hahahaha i really like this!

I don't know where it came from, but it was pretty nifty!

I've had a number of job interviews in the past few days but I have zero confidence in getting any of these jobs

Confidence is key man, even if you fake that confidence!

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