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After about 2 million years... long after the second, third, and forth coming of Christ... widespread Google Fiber for $70/month... and other stuff...

IPB 4.0!!!!

We also switched hosting companies (yes, again) on April 1st if anyone noticed. Things should, as usual, be much faster due to the new server and much more broken and ugly due to the new IPB.

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Also, if for some silly ass reason you can't login, try using your email address OR your DISPLAY NAME to login. IPB no longer supports having a "username" that you login with and a *different* "display name" that people see when you post. I don't know why they made this change. It is very dumb. If you're still having issues after trying to login with your email address or display name, email elite a_t accelerated hyphen e dot com and I will fix your shit right up. Make sure you put "HALP ME ELITE!!!!" in the subject cause I get lots o spam.

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Sorry for the super fucking downtime the past few days. Server performance went to hell, so the new host moved our VPS to a different node, but took a whole fucking day to do it. Then we had a weird issue with IPv6 which I spent all fucking day debugging.

Debian 8 comes out tomorrow. Expect a bit more downtime. No more than a day or two at most.



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Nothing broken that I know of. I've been trying some new configurations for all of our web* services, but the downtime has been seconds, if any. Still have to scale the server down though. Shouldn't take too long. Trying to see if the host will move the IP(s) so I don't have to update A & AAAA records... again. Hoping to have everything done by Friday night then it's smooth sailing all summer! woot!

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Site was down from May 1st until earlier today, May 6th. We had a bit of a snafu with the new hosting company during the process of scaling down the server. All resolved now. We're on something that's not completely and totally overkill, and it's actually extremely affordable, considering I pay for the site entirely out of pocket.


Also updated to a new bugfix release of IPB 4. I think there's another bugfix release coming again tomorrow... but upgrades are extremely quick with almost zero downtime.

Anyhow, I'll be doing some *slight* tuning of the server over the next few days to tweak things and maybe make them a dash faster. I apologize for the nearly-week of downtime. It won't happen again.


Oh, and it might take a few days for the DNS to kick over. We ended up with a new IPv4 and new IPv6 unfortunately. If you can read this message, your ISP's DNS servers are already updated with our new IP.


Sorry again!

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This is going to sound totally ridiculous, because it is, but the hosting company was patching the VENOM vulnerability last night and our server needed a hard reboot at like 6 PM EDT. I didn't get a chance to jump on a computer and reboot it until about a half hour ago. We had about 20 hours of unplanned downtime.


Also updated to IPB 4.0.5 which probably breaks the internet.

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