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I've had such a lazy day. It felt good to get most of my homework done before the weekend so I got to relax for once on my day off. But now I am really not looking forward going to work tomorrow. We've been uber slow the last few weeks so I'm just gonna be bored for 9 hours straight.

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work was super boring last night. i ended up finished my aisle at like 3 am. so i spent an hour doing backstock picks and rezoning. then before coffee i helped finish 2 aisles and zoned them a bit with the people who were working them. then from last coffee on i had to make the whole pop and chip aisle zoning extravaganza last till 7.

now i'm so tired cause my mom came to town. and 3 more shifts of which i probably won't sleep till my days off. thanksgiving dinner with the grandparents tomorrow, then work, then thanksgiving dinner in this household, then work again

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Got back from New York Comic Con day 2 and New York Yankees game 3 ALDS clincher game, buh bye Twins.

Amazing game, and at the con I got some sweet stuff, Borg figure from TNG, sonic screw driver and other stuff. Also watched Haruhi movie which was great, Daynine the Starcraft caster was live casting the ESL's there with Gunrun with many top pro's I'm sure none of you have heard about, but yea, had a great time.

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last night was quite a night. i was in candy, pop and chips. which is 2 aisles. it was easy enough. but i was 3/4 through zoning the candy and was asked to help with soup and cookies. thats alright. it was like 4. still lots of time to get the pop aisle zoned. but then after i finished that aisle with the girl who was assigned to do it. i got sent to the baking aisle to help. so i didn't finish my job but pretty much finished 3 other peoples jobs. whooooo

although its always funny seeing peoples faces when they find out i get over 200 pieces a night done on a pretty consistent basis and i've only been there for 2 weeks now

oh and

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Can I dismember someone?

if you do it weres the fun for me...id like to do it and watch the facial expressions they had...of the look please stop and why are you doing this?....mmm i could be a dangerous killer if it werent for my kid..... but im safe towards the people on ae and a few close friends...everyone else is fucked

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