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if you do it weres the fun for me...id like to do it and watch the facial expressions they had...of the look please stop and why are you doing this?....mmm i could be a dangerous killer if it werent for my kid..... but im safe towards the people on ae and a few close friends...everyone else is fucked

thats good to know.. but i honestly will feel bad for the poor sap that pissed you off

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Also it's 3:42 am and my mom is crashing around the kitchen doing something. Interesting... I just wish I hadn't drank all that coffee around 8pm. fucking awkward dates. fucking caffeine addiction.

Its 5:46 AM CST and I'm crashing around the kitchen doing something...

(Getting ready for work; lame.)

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actually my post from last night was deemed way too controversial and was given an immediate two month ban.

thankfully Hero at least lifted my ban long enough so i can post this message. sheesh. well, i guess i'll see everyone in two months!

none of that is true


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