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today is a sloooow day at work. So slow, I'm posting on AE! Stuck here until 12:30, and I already did everything that needs doing. At least I can take solace in the fact that I'm getting paid for reading the news/forums, hahaha

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I'd post the problem but its far too late to even bother trying anything now. Its due by 4am tonight and I need to get some sleep.

FYI in involves functions with arguments. I'm supposed to create a function that determines the amount in a savings account after a certain amount of time has gone by using the principle balance, the amount of interest and the amount of time that the interest is allowed to accumulate. I can get the program down if I use simple cout and cin functions within the main but I cant figure out how to do it with individual functions with arguments or whatever. I've gotten to the point where a cout statement is being declared as undefined. I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK

Sounds like you are using C++

function(*arg1, int arg2){


or something like that.

I only work in C and then every other good high level language. I have avoided C++ like the plague. I can try to help wherever you would like me to though on future assignments.

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Neat layout.

I feel like a doctor telling family members a loved one is dead everytime I have to tell a girl that I think we should keep the relationship purely physical. It's so damn rehearsed. It mostly for their benefit, honestly. I've become emotionally incapable of retaining a long lasting relationship without subconsciously driving them off.

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I really need new shoes.  I tried to buy some today but I just couldn't find any.  I only have one pair of shoes, so when I make a purchase it has to be something that I like enough to wear for a year or more every day.

Instead I ended up buying some body lotion and drinking free tea.  What's up with that?  Going to the mall alone is so sweet.  It's like, so frowned upon.

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