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Gotta love my old college. It was an easter egg till it got removed. You had to hit z + v on the page and it would change the frame in the center to that.

Made the front page of reddit, lol.

Hahahaa! That is awesome.

Speaking of zombies, next week my crew and I are gonna be attacking a Zombie Walk in Portland. I'm excited! I'm gonna be getting a new nerf gun for the occasion...

(I am such a nerd jesus christ)

After that the next weekend there's on in Seattle, and then after that there's a group at my college that has humans vs. zombies games on a weekly basis. Hahahaha. My friend Jake is filming a documentary about zombie culture in the PNW.

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I seemed to have missed something.

And I know I shouldn't say.

But you've been acting strange the last few days.

And this has made me think.

Your pills have cost too much.

And you can't feel them working any more.

So pour them down the sink.

And listen to me.

All you've gotta do is baby kick off your shoes and lay down.

Climb up here with me and let's forget about sleep, and lay down

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I would love to have a job again, but mostly for the money.

You would like to have a job again, but mostly for the money? What do people work for? Even if they LOVE their job, do you think they would still show up if they received no pay?

Your comment is ridiculous...

What happened to your previous job? Elaborate for us!

So, where do you get your money? Off others? Mom and Dad? If you're old enough and this is what you are doing...you are a MOOCH!

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