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Still saving up money for the surgery.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Just got a weird look from my coworker for busting up at that.

I could have bought a used Dreamcast plus 5 games and two controllers for $20 but instead I didn't

You're an idiot. I woulda been all over that shit, and I don't even like Dreamcast that much.

You would like to have a job again, but mostly for the money? What do people work for? Even if they LOVE their job, do you think they would still show up if they received no pay?

Your comment is ridiculous...

What happened to your previous job? Elaborate for us!

So, where do you get your money? Off others? Mom and Dad? If you're old enough and this is what you are doing...you are a MOOCH!

I might come into my job every once in awhile. Definitely not as much as I do, though.

As far as what I want to be my job (writing) I do that all the time anyway and don't get paid...

No no, not on the pillow. Right on the bangs! Pearl tiaras ftw.

Also I dislike how the picture at the top of this page insinuates that I'm a rapist. =(

You're not a rapist, you just play one on TV.

Truth must hurt...from an iternet stranger to someone who stated on the interent that they "would love to have a job again"...

Never heard the elaboration why you don't have one...

BTW, how many have you actually had?


Hey buddy, if you want to encourage people to get employed that's great, but stop being a cunt.

it also insinuates that you're earnest and energetic.

cup half full, Leading!

After all, those are important qualities in a successful rapist!

not that a successful rapist is a good thing

I'm sure you would know, but then again, you might not!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the most noncommittal and meaningless post in the history of RT.

Wow, that is saying something.

I baked two pumpkin pies this weekend. I am amazing at baking pie.

Fuck me too. We should open a pie shop. I'm definitely gonna make some pumpkin pies soon.


Really? In all honesty does it matter? I'm just an internet name that can post on a board, but I do have experiences and life knowledge to know that some of this posted stuff is just bs, especially some of the "off the cuff" comments, justification and defense.

I'll be honest with you...some people on this board will not want to know who I am!

Live and learn! Or be prepared to justify what you say!

It's CTL! Hi CTL. How've you been?

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I'm glad I'm funny to you. But unfortunately, I'm not being funny. You still have not answerd my question. Why don't you have a job? Where do you get your money? Are you a RICH kid? Are you too good to get out and look for a job? Even minimum wage?

You probably have no worries and don't need one, and I bet momma and dad are proud!

You do realize that unemployment is really high right now, don't you? You cunt?

:awesome: :awesome: :awesome: Crube wins a million internets


Unless you can tell me why you are going through a hormonial change, you can stop asking who. I've only known women to keep asking who, why and what. I haven't seen any tonight, except you!

Dude, sexism is so lame. Seriously. I thought you were being kind of funny but that just ruined it.

Obvious Troll receives an obvious out of obvious stars.

oh noes, i hope i dont get reportedz to teh interweb pohlees!


Lamer: protip, read up on our forum rules. Here they are in full:

1. Don't post the Mufasa picture.

2. No petition threads.

3. Don't ask Crube about his employment situation (it's due to a complicated agreement with our insurance agent)


yes that whole video is a rule.

That is all the rules there are at this website.

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