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Galexia - The Maze: Music Video Rough Edit


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Okay, this version has alot of filler in between through-out the song that won't be there in a month when the finished product is release. An incredibly hot girl named Kim Langemo who models is flying down to CT to stay with me for about 3 days and film as the lead female role in the music video, which will include a controversial sex scene during the "fuck me til you cum out the other end" screaming part, they'll be a censored and uncensored version. She'll also be wandering around in the maze, just like I am wandering around in the maze during this video, except the emphasis will be on her with more Symbolism.

With that said, alot of me is just FILLER except the singing and certain key scenes.... HERE IS THE ROUGH COPY! watch it in 720 HD on you tube for best quality. It was recorded in 1080 but youtube limited it to 720.

Full screen that bad boy! I like it the way it is already, Kim will add a whole new dimenson to the video though.

Also this was directed by Maxor or Otacon or whatever he goes by on the forums nowadays (Vinny Adinolfi).

In roughly 4-5 months a Music Video off of a single from my upcoming Third Galexia Album will also be filmed, "The Maze" music video was suppose to be filmed about a year ago but the first director wanted 20K (worked with porcupine tree on the fear of a blank planet videos), then 4 months ago I found an excellent director for 5K, but I kept stalling.. and Finally me and Vinny came to a good agreement and we filmed it.


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I get screwed all over especially with royalties... under 3 percent of what is purchased I get. but talk about if you like this draft of the video or not!!

Its really exciting for me and another will be done for the third albums single (the second single) in 5-6 months or perhaps sooner. 3 weeks Kim Langemo comes to film all the female role'd parts so no more filler of me slamming against walls and stuff.

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