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Marvel v Capcom 3


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wolverine's teleport

What? Since when can Logan teleport? Is is something to do with the current X-Force run?

Anyway I am very on the fence about getting this game. I love fighting games but am universally terrible at them. I tried to get good at Street Fighter IV (even bought an arcade stick) but to no avail. Same thing happened with the first two Marvel vs Capcom games, guilty gear and Capcom vs SNK 2.

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It's a gameplay teleport not a lore one. He uses berserker slash and ends up on the other side of the enemy. It's a small tweak but allows you to get out of sticky situations, or to cause them. In the video they also highlight a change to his dive kick which can now be blocked.

Each character is getting at the least tweaks like this many are getting revamped to higher degrees.

Really, MvC3 is not MvC2. It reminds me of people who accuse SC2 of being SC1 with prettier graphics. Which just isn't true. Yes things looks similar, but they don't play similarly.

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For those that are interested: if you pre-order the game from the Capcom Unity store not only will you get a nifty free Shuma Groth T-shirt but if you type in the coupon code "THANKYOUTEN" you will get 10% the price of the game.

it should have been HADOTEN or SHORUTEN

also, no suprise


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Been watching a ton on videos lately and a bunch of characters that seemed lackluster at first are looking downright beastly. Thinking of using Wolverine/Hulk/Viewtiful Joe for now, will most likely change in the future

most of the characters have a long string of combos that make them seem god-like. i know Tron and Trish have a good 70+ hit one too. finding out what they are sure is fun.

also i'm all about Captain America as of late. he's amazing at countering everyone starting out who picks Zero and Dante for their main.

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