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Beat Hazard: budget SCHMUP game levels driven by your music library


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The game is called Beat Hazard, its cheap and a fun little distraction. It creates the levels based on the song you choose in your MP3 library, the loudness / beat etc also has to do with how your weapon fires (along with picking up Power Up to increase damage, and with Volume power ups to increase the volume of the song your playing through).

I recorded a video to demonstrate the game.


you can get it on steam if it looks fun. I think its under 10 bucks, its not anything SUPER special, but I've been having more fun playing it than I have playing Audiosurf. Most likely because you get to blow things up.

The difference is Audiosurf is much more innovative creating a big course for you to race through, this game always is in space. It just shoots different enemies rythmatically at you, same bosses.... but its fun, you get to level up which allows you extra power ups or higher scores on kills etc.

hope somebody finds this interesting. its a fun game, if you have enough money that you don't mind blowing 10 bucks on a game you'll only play once in awhile. its a good way to listen to your music and blow shit up without having it actually interfere with the game *For example blasting metal while playing an FPS will hurt you by not hearing enemies etc*


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