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The EEE '10 Thread


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We're only ten days away from a stupid amount of bullshit about how silly motion sensing cameras and THREEDEE is going change the way everyone plays video games, and the word "revolutionize" will be used more than it will all year around. But also a time where gamers can come together and endlessly bitch about which console their parents bought them for Christmas is superior.

Yep, E3 is around the corner. June 13 kicks it off with Microsoft's press conference on Natal then their E3 one on the 14th, followed by Sony and Nintendo on the 15th.

Everyone can start speculating in this thread, but Destructoid already went ahead and asked a bunch of animals at the LA Zoo what they think. So just use the thread to talk about what you'd want to see at the show.

And unrelated to the thread, I'm totally going to plan a trip the LA Zoo to give that Koala a high five. Because fuck yeah, Koalas. That's why.

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I don't care if Suikoen 6 is Virtual Boy exclusive, I just want it announced.

Oh and while I am in fantasy land, Wild ARMs 6 and Breath of Fire 6 as well.

Make it a year for 6s.

666 bitches!

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I think I'm going to stick in reality. All I want is the new Zelda to not suck donkey balls.


Suikoden 6: An Interactive Natal Exercise Microgame Collection

Also I'm pretty sure that's the exact same thing as a Wii Minigame collection. Only it probably has better graphics and will sell worse in japan.

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I think I'm going to stick in reality. All I want is the new Zelda to not suck donkey balls.

This. A thousand times this.

And I'm looking forward to seeing more of the new Tales games, hopefully getting a release date to boot.

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I'm still kinda surprised they went with Spider Man 2099. Not one of the more widely known iterations. Curious what the last one is, though. There's no symbiot focused dimension currently... Could be Marvel Zombies? Or, god willing, Spider Girl?

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Noir wasn't very widespread either. Spider-girl or zombies would be fantastic. I didn't even think of spider-girl, but that universe is still pretty close to amazing. I have a feeling it's going to just end up being symbiotes, but I hope I'm wrong.

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I really hope they put more effort in making the 2D plane you're fighting on blend into the scene more, or that they lock that camera down. Because every time it swings around to show the action I can't help but look at how shitty the floor looks.

Also, please fix Cage's fireballs. They look like snot balls.

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New MvC3 trailer. Dante is fighting Deadpool. I repeat, Dante is fighting Deadpool. The awesome may be too much to handle. Children and pregnant women should avoid this trailer.

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