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Consider this thread my thoughts on just about any subject that pops into my head.

I sit here, in my cozy desk job a little hung over and blowing the most rank gas ever. Thank gawd all these preppy ass white people can't smell these things or my spanish ass would be out of here and the fitness center would be quarantined. I think my stink has possessed this chair.

I know this sounds bad, but I have a great girlfriend now. She plays video games and likes anime. The sex is great. Granted, we watch a lot of movies and talk about a lot of randomness too, which is nice. We get along, everything seems to be working out pretty well. It's just before she was with someone and I was chasing after a taken female...and that was fun. i'm not going to lie, I think the chase was a lot more fun then actually obtaning the "prize." We have been going out for 2 months now and when we throw around the whole "I love you" shpeel(sp?), it seems a little forced on my half. I can't seem to figure myself out on this one. I mean she is everything I could want...for right now.

I wish I knew what I wanted in life. Everything was so easy in high school. College or rather the real world was something I was not ready for. quite frankly it kicked my ass. Let's see. I was acepted into USF right out of high school into to the electrical engineering college and last a half a semester in that. Post that I was away form college for about 5-6 years because of my current job at the time was a cash cow...until that went under. I tried economics which was fun and tried with that to build towards being a financial advisor, but I couldn't stand the classes. Then I had the bright idea of trying to be a firefighter. I went through the EMT classes and...well I don't do well under pressure and I found out I am kinda squeemish so that idea got thrown out the window.

And that a year ago that I was in those courses. I still am not entirely sure what or where I want to be in life right now. I am going to go back to school and try some writing classes and see where that takes me. Writing has always come second nature to me. I guess only time will tell.

Did I mention I have a great girlfriend? So great because of her I was fired from my 2 year stint at Home Depot. Well, let me be fair, it wasn't her fault. But the reason I got fired is the most asinine reasoning behind getting rid of someone. Let me start from the begining...

I get called to the back office at my former job (The wonderfuly horrible Home Depot), there the manager and assistant manager are back waiting for me. I'm already thinking Im going to get fired, because this is the set up for how it goes down everytime. You don't just get called to the back office with two managers for no reason. So they ask me if I had done anything at my register recently that was against store policy.

I'm thinking, "Shit! they must have finally caught me picking up money off the floor and pocketing it." I must say i probably found well over two hundred dollars on the floor at that place (change and dollars combined.) Well I play the fool and say that they need to be more specific. It turns out that a customer had caught me and my girlfriend kissing while we were outside with our aprons on. I guess the customer complained or something. They told me they had video evidence of this and fired me on the spot.


For kissing someone.


And it was a kiss on the lips, but not anything more.


And the worst part of it was...my girlfriend didn't get fired for this incident. lol


No warning or anything. Fuck that job. When they told me why I was getting fired, I started laughing. I was glad I didn't get caught doing some of the other things they could have canned me for. lol

Anyways Fuck Home Depot. That's all for todays rant.

Peace out bitches!

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Fuck Home Depot. That's ridiculous.

Not that I was planning on buying anything there soon, but I'm gonna start boycotting them in solidarity with ya buddy :angry:

EDIT: Also, fuck that customer too, but mostly fuck the bosses who didn't tell the customer to go fuck himself. Who the hell is offended by public kissing? BITCHES WHO DON'T GET TO FIX THEIR DECKS ANYMORE. That's what I would've said to the customer if I was your manager (followed up with "Git outta my store, you socially conservative varmint!"

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