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Let's Play - Darksiders

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i hate watching this LP, because with every new episode i find out there's a crap load of extra stuff i missed. :tongue:

also one of the things i absolutely love about the game is the grab system. War can only grab at enemies that are either one hit kills or specially marked, otherwise he doesn't grab anything. that's the one major thing that drove me bonkers in other action games like Bayonetta and the God of War series. especially God of War where they'd throw you in rooms filled with minotaurs and a handful of whatever those zombie Spartans are. often times you badly need health during these fights and there's a prompt to grab a Spartan which would give you health, but the minotaur would get in the way and Kratos would grab him first, and since you can't grab a minotaur, he'd swing you off and smash you against the wall leaving you with even less health.

same with Bayonetta and those damn golden armor things with the claws.

thank god there's none of that in Darksiders.

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