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Can you say warhammer 40K MMO, 3rd person action RPG with cover system video inside!


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Won't be out for a few years according an interview, but they are going for some type of new innovation by adding a third person shooter type gameplay along with RPG elements, and a cover system (think mass effect 2) in a giant waring world in the future. it is developed by Relic, instead of the dev team of DAoC and WAR:Age of Chaos.. This looks to be very intriguing.

That is is FF14, Star Wars The Old Republic doesn't take away its thunder, but its 2012-2013 release date slate makes it seem like it will come out at a good time. This creates speculation that Blizzards new "Secret untitled" MMO will possibly be a World of Starcraft type game to compete with the futuristic sci-fi settings of Bioware's Old Republic and 40K MMO. If they did World of Starcraft I'd be first in line to buy it, as I am avid SC2 player.... anyway incase that doesn't happen perhaps whoever is interested will have this to look forward to.

Gameplay looks great in the trailer.


When you got mechs, vehicles, ORKZ, and SPACE FUCKING MARINES it just = orgasims.

Hope this ends up being ground-breaking but can't hold my breathe yet, too many MMO's dissapoint. Just hoping Bioware won't with Star Wars, since Bioware has a near perfect track record (especially after my favorite PC single player RPG of all time Dragon Age Origins (cant believe Dragon Age 2 is already announced). and the equally awesome but in a different way Mass Effect 2.

Well heres to hoping developers learned lessons of the past such as launches of AoC (which finally has an expansion and is getting praised reviews.. a little too late) WAR had a fun launch but had its issues.... Aion was smooth and very attractive but a grind... I am hoping these dev's are looking at the reactions from these titles and making sure nothing gets rushed out. with THQ publishing 40K online I doubt it will be rushed, and with Bioware behind the helm of Star Wars I have no doubt it will rule.

I am trying to get my FF14 beta key from fileplanet but seemingly un-succesful the last batch of keys has been delayed due to something with Square Enix, once I try that I will know if Square learned to Evolve in the MMORPG genre, I hope they aren't playing it TOO safe.


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just remember warhammer came first! and the original warcraft was suppose to be a warhammer game, they developed it for games workshop, games workshop didnt approve, so blizzard changed the scheme of things and released warcraft, and from games like Doom to starcraft have space marines... but only one table top game has the orginal "space marine". lets hope he is as bad-ass as he should be.

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