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Accelerated Evolution

Does the screaming sound forced and bad?


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Working on a new track for the album, was going to go down this path for majority of songs a rather NiN type feel.... let me know in all honesty if the screaming sounds bad or if it is atleast O.K. She totally destroyed my mindset of all the work I put into it and now i want to scrap it all, but I really like it.. but I don't want to make something people won't even bare to listen to.

This is the song just the first two verses, chorus is not complete.

Static Calamity Demo

let me know, be 100% honest.

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Well, I'm already not a huge fan of that kind of vocals so I'm a little biased (not really that into NiN). However it sound significantly less annoying than most vocals of that type. So you may be doing something right. I think you should try and make it sound more like Henry Rollins, but maybe that's just me. :awesome:

Remember, though, even if it is your gf's opinion, it's still only one person's opinion, so don't let it get you too discouraged and change the creative direction of an entire album just because of her.

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