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Does anyone have "The Maze" demos from 2 years ago? paypal reward


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I contacted every one of the musicians I sent it to, including the singer on the debut track "Asfixia" she said she had them until her PC crashed. I lost everything off the maze when some dumb bitch at a house party knocked over my external and some how it was so fucking fragile that the inner HD doesn't work anymore and I bet the needle damaged everything. Luckily I salvaged all the tracks I needed from other places on my PC but lost over 40 tracks, but I know I released a demo version of the CD in a 2 CD format before I cut it down to one CD.

Does anyone have any of these tracks laying around? "Cellphone" "narab" "orgue" "Life Preserver" "Liquid" "Liquid part 2" "Liquid Part 3" anything else that isn't on the retail album? I really remember liking "Callphone" ALOT. I really want to hear these songs again for some time of hopeful artistic spark. and I may just use the song "Cellphone" on 'Narcotize' my upcomining album I am having troubles recording songs for.. I got the 11 minute title track and 3 or so other songs but not much else.

Anyone that helps me out I WILL re-ward you on paypal with a small something I promise.

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