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The passing of one of our members


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Hey so uhhh I think eveyone that knows me here can vouch for me, I wasNt trying to be distasteful when I asked for said " thread" to be taken down. Truthfully I think I have only used the pm system once and actually I think it was sent to me , so it's definitely not the first Thing I would think to go to to get my point across. As well as I don't have elites email. I see that that post did cause a bit of problems and for that I really do apologize guys.

tbh i thought you were just like 'oh my god, this needs to be taken down NOW' and didn't think to even use the pm system, which i totally understand

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Alright, let's just say tensions are running high for any number of reasons and leave it there. I like to think I know all of you well enough to say that none of you are actually assholes, sociopaths, or petty. Unless you're Tom Petty. In which case you are awesome and you should PM me about a new CD.

I don't think anyone meant anything disparaging about Coffee and if they did, they're probably not thinking rationally or regret it. Coffee is a big girl, she probably understands. So let's just drop it. Amy wasn't my best friend or anything, but she wasn't a total stranger. We interacted with her to varying degrees. If some people want to mourn, that's their prerogative. Just let them be.

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I'm truly sad that I found out about Amy's passing away at such a late time. I knew Amy way back from the Otaku Syndicate and she was such a bright girl. Always friendly and always up to offer a quick laugh.

I truly regret that I didn't keep up with my friends here and I most definitely considered Amy a friend. I send my sincere condolences to her family and hope that they'll be able to move on with the belief...that while she is no longer around, at least she is no longer suffering.

- Brittany~

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Not really. That's pretty much what she was. LINK REMOVED

Edit: Also ironic that she has /b/ tagged across her tits. Where suicide is indeed funny!

And because I want to continue being an asshole

Can we please have this deleted? It's bad enough he wasn't banned for it but I think everyone but him will agree this has NO place in here.

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Can we please have this deleted? It's bad enough he wasn't banned for it but I think everyone but him will agree this has NO place in here.

no offense, but the link is in many other threads besides this one. it'd take a lot of backlog reading to find them since the search for here it sorta shit.

let's just stop bringing this up already. this page was going fine. if anyone is still outraged about it, PM the admins instead of dredging up old stuff that's already over with for like three days. otherwise it gets folded over into new pages.

now where were we?


(relevant to the thread, and a beautiful song even if it's not meant for a tribute thread.)

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