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Sleeping Habits

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Normally I use a queen, but I'm staying with my friend's mom these days and sleeping on a top bunk bed. In a few I'll be sleeping on a borrowed double because all of my stuff is in storage.

I sleep 3 hours a night.

I have prescription sleeping pills, but I don't use them. They're really intense and give me a bad hangover. It's hard to function the next day. A few years ago I tried natural sleeping pills but I had to take 5 or 6 for them to do anything.

Underwear. I can be completely naked otherwise, but I need underwear. Blankets and complete darkness are a must as well. I need to cover up alarm clocks and pin my curtains down so no light gets through.

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I sleep on the floor.

For 6 or 7 hours

I need some sort of white noise to achieve REM

I usually have my head under the pillows instead of on top.

and I'm not kidding.

IIRC when we were little kids you use to pretty much burrow under the pillows as well when you slept.

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  • Twin-size bed
  • Usually I'll finally fall asleep between 5 and 7 AM, and sleep until 12-3 PM (I usually have to be up before then)
  • OTC "Simply Sleep" (aka benadryl) sometimes, but Lorazepam more recently
  • Recently I need some kind of sleep aid or I literally just won't sleep

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-Twin extra long (ie. standard college dorm bed)

-Usually between 7 and 9. Can function on 4 hours for a few days but yeah...not fun.

-I don't usually use any sleep aids, but I'll take 6mg of Melatonin if I absolutely need to switch my schedule.

-Near complete silence. A gentle breeze, leaves rustling and the occasional car passing aren't problems. Suitemates talking/playing CoD presents problems though. (some -29dB earplugs can usually take care of that if needed)

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Dude, tonight it's raining right outside my window. I know I'm gonna sleep awesome :DDD

I'm a fan of some very, very light music sometimes. It has to be like ambient jamz or 70s art punk though (or anything spacey and psychedelic but never very loud or energetic -- basically music to take heroin to I guess).

There was a period of time in high school where I would fall asleep listening to sunnO))) aaaalllll the time. (look them up on youtube if you don't know who they are, hahaha. you're in for a "treat") but I don't think I could actually do that anymore. I'm a much more chill person than I was in high school, haha.

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A full size steel frame futon

4-6 usually

no sleeping aids

i require 4 pillows*2 on each side", my body pillow, only a single sheet or a single comforter depending on the season, and it must be cool or cold in my room*even slightly warm can prevent me from sleeping*

i also used to blast behemoth and similar music to help me get to sleep but my cd player broke and i fell out of the habit. i used to have to have noise. radio or cds didn't matter. as long as it was music or someone talking

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