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Accelerated Evolution

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I have no idea who you are, but welcome back. :awesome:

Were you famous for anything here?

Nah not really. I think I ragequit back in 2005 after a long day of work followed by trying to defend my buddy samurai drifter. Funny thing is, he ended up getting banned right after I left.

doinitrite :hardgay:

Unfortunately that legacy has been lost to the abyss...something about less than legal forum software if I recall

welcome back, sanjuro.

i vaguely remember you, but remember you none the less because of the .hack name/avatar combo. but welcome back just the same.

Did I have a .hack avatar back then? only one I can remember is my Legato Bluesummers one.

Hey I remember you! How's it goin?

Not too bad man. Trying to land a job with my degrees, but who isn't these days?

I don't remember you, but if you leave again and return I will.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you as well

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yeah sam Drifter was a D-bag, and most likely still is I guess he just doesn't show it anymore.

edit: PS we are like the only forum on the internet that has such loose rules that we don't even give a damn about, we let anyone do what they want, so for sam to be banned, that really says something. haha

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how many people have ever even been banned? like SD and punroc? PUNROC WAS THE GREATEST MEMBER EVER


uh yeah

nice to meet you sanjuro I kind of vaguely remember this whole SD getting banned incident but not really. I think someone (maybe it ought to be a community project?) should attempt to write A People's History of Accelerated-Evolution

EDIT: Can you still get banned for making petition threads? What about posting the legendary Mufasa picture?

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