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Hey American Friends


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If I was trying to order something online,but the store only ships to the US, could I ship it to someone's house?  I was kind of looking at CF because he's so close.  I don't think I'll actually end up ordering anything, but I'm curious to see if anyone would ever be willing to do that.  Obviously I would pay for all the shipping and shit to make sure it gets to me with minimal hassle.  So yeah.  Does that sound absurd to anyone?

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Yes! I would be more than willing to help you out. Maybe I'll personally deliver it to PG! (I highly doubt I will ever have enough money to drive my Volvo that far, though :P)

But yes, should you need to use my house to deliver stuff to (as long as it isn't, like, anything that's gonna get the FBI busting my door down, you Canadian terrorist, you).

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Oh, NBD.  I loved all things used.

But really, I want to. . . design my own Converse. . . I know I just bitched about spending money on things I might not need. . . but yeah.  I kinda want to do that and they won't ship to Canada.

But you did say that you needed new shoes! Haha.

My friend did that way back in middle school. He had some baller ones with dragons printed on em.

Years later, that friend would become my main drug dealer for awhile. Oh, middle school connections. Truly, the most important ones you will ever make.

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I keep designing a million pairs so I can pick which one I like best.  I'm so gross.  That, and it's super fun.

I loved junior high/middle school.  I lived in Edmonton and it was awesome.  All of my former connections are now babes, and that is also awesome.  Babes with good jobs, old cars and really cute cats.

Also I hang out with all my former teachers whenever I visit.  They buy me lunch and compliment me.  Free lunch is the best ever.

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