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Duke Nukem Forever


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The following from the above link made me laugh:

-Britney Spears' entire musical career as a pop star has taken place during Duke Nukem Forever's development.

-Colin Farrell's entire movie career has also taken place during development.

-The concept of Bullet Time has been developed, pioneered, and completely run in to the ground.

Wow, that game was announced 2 days after my 14th birthday...

I have:

graduated highschool

learned how to drive

attended and graduated college

dated and dumped the same girl 3 times

worked for 4 different employers

purchased my ps1, ps2, ps2 slim, gb color, gba, gba sp, nintendo ds, nintendo 64, gamecube, and xbox360.


Man, who knew DNF would be such a great time capsule? There's more, but I don't think you guys really care, lol.

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