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Silver Cyclone

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dead rising 2 seems like the best choice.

i haven't played the other two and each look fantastic, but reviews have pegged Enslaved as having heavy repetitive boring combat, and Vanquish only lasts four or so hours.

you'll get a lot of mileage out of DR2 as long as you play it organically, like finding out weapon combos, mixed drinks, and boss weaknesses on your own, and more so if you're playing co-op. keep in mind though, it's not for everyone. it's almost impossible to do everything in one playthrough, and you'll most likely die many times before leveling up enough to take on some bosses.

and if you don't save often, you'll more than likely come into a situation you aren't prepared for, and loose a good chunk of progress because the game does not autosave. although, a lot of games do that anyway. (falloooooout! 5mjm6r_th.gif)

for 50 quid you could probably get Platinum Games' (the makers of Vanquish) previous and critically better game Bayonetta and something else. Bayonetta, despite having a totally incompresensiable storyline, is fucking awesome. especially if you're a big fan of Hideki Kamiya's other games (Okami, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, etc) since they throw a shit load of references to them in the game.

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While I much appreciate this reply I think DR2 is probably last on my choices. Mainly because I never really got into DR1 and while I do love me some zombie killing I'm probably leaning towards vanquish. However I did hear some good things about Enslaved plus who doesn't love the monkey king story. I dunno I may go check some more review sites. However after watching LM's DR2 Case Zero play through it was what really peaked my interest in it. While I love watching my friends play DR I don't know why I never really clicked with it. I probably should give it another try at some point.

Also I don't particularly plan on picking up any older games that I don't already own.

I'm tempted to pick up new vegas but the only thing stopping me is I don't have fallout 3 yet and I can pick that up pretty damn cheap.

I have more conflicting emotions and thoughts then a Siamese twin hooker

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I would go with DR2. I never got to play the first one but the second one looks to have a lot of replay value and just a good enjoyable game overall. There are so many games out this month that I'm having trouble picking which I want to get first but I'm thinking it might be DR2.

Vanquish looks really pretty but yea, from what I have read it's super short and there's not a lot of replay value to it. And Enslaved isn't really worth full price to me. I'd suggest waiting until it's dropped in price before getting it.

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While I love the story and ridiculousness of Vanquish the playing time thing has kinda sold me on not buying it. I am definitely gonna pick it up in a bargain bin at some point.

I'm probably gonna get DR2. Does that have local Multi-player as well. I seem to remember hearing it does. Or is it only online co-op.

But I am still intrigued by Enslaved I have heard some good reviews about the game especially in regards to story and voice acting.

But the idea of me and a friend raping some zombies seems to hard to pass up.

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I pirated dead rising 2 for PC and its a ton of fun.

Recently I bought Medal of Honor and having a blast with that, Fallout: New Vegas is really really great, and I just pre-ordered black ops. so I'll be rollin' in gaming.

Then the vietnam expansion for bad company 2 comes out in a few months! 15 new weapons, 4 new maps, 49 songs from the 60's played on your soldiers radio, get to be the USMC, 12 new vehicles and only 15$. w00t.

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