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Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire (Album & Movie, videos + DL Link)


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Friendly Fire is an album by Sean Lennon, John Lennon and Yoko Ono's son. He took an 8 year gap between releasing this 2006 album and for good reason as his debut i can't get through one full song, nothing works. While this album sounds like... something you'd expect from a Beatles member of in this case what you'd HOPE the beatles offspring would create.

Friendly Fire is a film you can buy which has all 10 tracks on the album performed / music video'd into a bizarre story with skits in between to carry the story along. Movie is not needed at all to catch conceptual theme of the album, its dark gorgeous melancholy, taking after his Father in terms of song writing, while the vocal melodies are more Paul McCartnery style, its very interesting to listen to, and the movie in full is quite interesting, and the album is a 10/10 winner in my book, It's been all I've been listening to lately.

as you'll see in the first track and video from the movie of the same title of the album "Firnedly fire".HE HOLDS HIS FATHER LIKE HIS FATHER. Looks so much like em, sounds like em but higher pitched. His first album was jumbled and sucked, but Friendly Fire (his second and most recent *2006*) sounds like something John/Paul would have written together if it was 2006 and they were young

heres a few songs from the album. -- if you don't like the first one, or second or ones I'm giving good reviews, keep going down til you find something you dig, the album has a consistant dark beautiful feel like in all the songs below, and it just works, if your able to dig one song, you'll be able to adapt to dig the album. if anyone wants a rapidshare link to download "Friendly Fire" it is at the BOTTOM of the page.

Track 2 Wait For Me 4.8/5 stars Sounds like a beatles song straight up

Track 1 Dead Meat Video < Dead Meat 4.5/5 stars

Track 3 Parachute Video < Parachute 5/5 stars MY FAVE OFF THE ALBUM

Track 10 Falling out of Love Video < 5/5 stars for the synths *this is the closing track on the album*

Track 7 On and Off Again Video 4.5/5 for the very BEATLES beat song 5/5 for being called JULIAN (his brother) in the movie LOL. ""Hey, Julian! Big fan." | "Yeah ... thanks...." Oh, man, I never realized Sean had such a delicious sense of humor." - some guy on youtube. (yes thats lindsay lohan.. theyre close friends)

Track 8 Headlights Video < 3.7/5 stars, worst on the album but alright, catchy.

well theirs a sample, all 10 tracks are music videos that follow a movie... theirs some of them for you to check out if you haven't heard it and judge if you dig it or not.

Heres the link to download the Album, rapidshare won't allow me to upload the movie as its too large in file size, I could do it in like 10 different .rar's but only if someone really really wants it...

Sean Lennon - 2006 - Friendly Fire: http://rapidshare.com/files/426574214/Sean_Lennon_-_2006_-_Friendly_Fire.zip

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