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Accelerated Evolution

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare!!!


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the new 6+ hour single player storyline I'm having major fun with right now blasting zombie heads off with the campy B-movie type soundtrack and dialouge perfect for halloween.

and the new online game mode is similar to COD Nazi Zombies or Onslaught from gears of war, you and up to 3 others players (as in 4 in total) fend of waves of zombies with a small break in between waves as it counts the amount of rounds you complete, no matter what your gonna die in the end but its great fun probrably the best thing RDR has to offer for Multiplayer. So when I'm not heavily enjoying the singleplayer if anyone wants to murder zombies with me heres my Playstation network username

PSN: Kpins2889

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