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I have ghosts in my house. Not even bullshitting you people here. Every time I stay up late, or just late enough it seems - I hear heavy angry footsteps that ALWAYS stop before they get to my short midget excuse of a hall.

I can recognize the steps of my family from a mile away. These sound as if fucking Soldier is storming the trenches in his gunboats. Its loud, its angry. BUT. It always stops before it comes to my hall. But it comes to me. Not to my sister, not to my parents, but to my side of trailer. I have gotten up NUMEROUS times to see if it was my parents - I had the clear away.

‘But para you are just being paranoid that its your parents checking to see if you’re asleep.’

No. Its not. Again, I can recognize the weight and how fast my family walks. This is, again, as if a goddamned Soldier is coming straight for me. But it always stops before it gets too close.

This happens, on a good night 3 to 4 times.

Another thing that happens, is, if I’m not up late - the lights outside will flicker. Not flicker per say, like if you were doing a rave with the light switch just for fun. They will turn off, turn back on SLOWLY [too slow for it to be a company doing this] then turn BACK off, then creep back on, then turn off, and creep back on. ALL of this too fast to be done by a company checking shit. And it happens EVERY weeknight unless I’m up on the computer.

Another thing - the Air conditioner can be off for HOURS and I can be baking alive in my room with all windows glued shut under two comforters and sheets - and I’ll feel a cold breeze just swish across the back of my neck. Or more recently - fingers playing with the back of my neck. They were COLD and it was like pin pricks but I could tell. It didn’t last long.

Another thing? I’ll see random dashes of light. Tonight, I keep seeing white or light blue flashes that just DASH out of my vision as I go to look. they started happening a few weeks back, when I stayed up all night. I thought it was because I was already hallucinating. Nope. Took like a ten minute nap or so - was fine, and they were still swirling and dancing around.

My final piece of evidence.

The first few nights I stayed here, six years ago, I saw apperations. I saw people, they just kind of floated up out of the furniture, looked at me, then sank back down. They were pale blue, much like you see in the movies, and I could see through them. I’m not shitting you. Not a WORD in this post is a lie. These people looked sad, a lot of them mangled and rather horribly wounded. They just kind of…stared at me then dissapeared. I rarely see them since.

I’ve told my parents that we need to move, but they just won’t. And I’m paranoid as hell, and I’ve been told as I presented all these facts - that their harmless. But still, I have the paranormal lurking about my trailer.

I'm sure that there are actual spirits in the living room, and more of random will o' wisps in my bedroom that like to dance about and make me feel like I'm tripping ze light fantastique.

I've been told to use an ouija board - for those about to suggest that: just dont. I am an inexpirienced teen and I would more than likely just FUCK everything backwards if I even thought about touching one of those. I am no voodoo priest - but I'm pretty damn sure NOBODY should be able to touch those things. I'm pretty sure these wayward spirits aren't harmless, or they would have harmed me long time ago. I've been here 6 damn years and I've just been 'COME AT ME BRO'.

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^ this is the best option

Scared a touring black metal out of my living room!

That's just awesome. I would be proud to be able to do that.

Honestly, I dunno what to tell you. If they're really harmless the best thing would probably be to try and ignore them. Idk what to say past that.

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