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This year is coming rapidly to a close and we are looking down the barrel of 2011! What do we have in store so far?

Bands with new releases

Rush- Clockwork Angels

Alice Cooper- Welcome 2 My Nightmare

Motörhead- The Wörld Is Yours

Stratovarius- Elysium

Amon Amarth- Surtur Rising

The Human Abstract- Digital Veil

Mr. Big- What If...

Korpiklaani- Ukon Wacka

Turisas- Stand Up and Fight

Destruction- Day of Reckoning

Sigh- In Somniphobia

Dir en grey- LOTUS

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter- Moral and Wahnsinn

Cradle of Filth- Midnight in the Labyrinth

DevilDriver- Beast

Evergrey- Glorious Collision

Children of Bodom- Relentless Reckless Forever

U.D.O.- Rev Raptor

Devin Townsend Project- Deconstruction

Devin Townsend Project- Ghost

Anthrax- Worship Music

Cavalera Conspiracy- Blunt Force Trauma

Norther- Circle Regenerated

The Kovenant- Aria Galactica

Dark Forest- Land of the Evening Star

Deicide- To Hell With God

Absu- Abzu

Helheim- Heiðindómr Ok Mótgang

Woods of Desolation- Torn Beyond Reason

Fen- Epoch

Lantlos- Agape

Heretoir- Heretoir

Onslaught- Sounds of Violence

Belphegor- Blood Magick Necromance

Falkenbach- Tiurida

Battlelore- Doombound

Pestilence- Doctrine

Shining- VII - Född Förlorare

Carpathian Forest- Universal Evil

Impiety- Worshipers of the Seventh Tyranny

Vader- Return to the Morbid Reich

Wyrd- Death of the Sun

Vreid- V

Dalriada- Ígéret

Ulver- Critical Geography

Wolfchant- Call of the Black Winds

Svartby- Elemental Tales

Hæresiarchs of Dis- In Obsecration of the Seven Darks

Suidakra- Book of Dowth

Novembers Doom- Aphotic

Nàttsòl- Iaktta

Arafel- For Battles Once Fought

Kampfar- Mare

Pentagram- Last Rites

Woods of Ypres- Woods V: You Were the Light

Abruptum- Potestates Apocalypsis

Endstille- Infektion 1813

Wintersun- Time

Secrets of the Moon- Seven Bells

Aisling- Karst

Stormwarrior- Heathen Warrior

Varg- Wolfskult

Obscura- Omnivium






Rise to Remain


Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Dream Theater





X Japan


ZZ Top

Mötley Crüe




Hammer Horde

Satan's Host


In Extremo







Morbid Angel

Fear Factory

Born of Osiris

Protest the Hero

Every Time I Die

Machine Head

In Flames

Lamb of God




Septic Flesh










Arch Enemy




XIV Dark Centuries


Sombres Forêts

Holy Moses




Anaal Nathrakh

And news in brief

Robert Trujillo has told the media in New Zealand that Metallica has been writing backstage and at jam sessions during their tour, amassing a large amount of material. The band plans to rest after their current tour and plans to start writing again. (Source: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=60415 )

Beyond the Dark Horizon: Thanks for sharing that with us, what’s next on the horizon for Dream Theater?

James LaBrie: After this tour there will be a few dates in Japan that will take place in August. I have a solo album coming up, Mike Portnoy will be playing drums on tour with Avenged Sevenfold and we are pretty much taking a break and relaxing with family until January. After that I’m thinking we will enter the studio and work on a new Dream Theater album.

(Source: http://beyondthedarkhorizon.com/main/?p=4559 )

System of a Down have announced that they will reunite for several European dates in 2011 including a headlining spot at the U.K.'s Download Festival. SOAD released a statement saying, "We are excited to announce that System will be playing some dates together in 2011. We also want to thank you for your loyalty and support, not only to System of a Down, but to all of our solo efforts as well. We have no master plan of sorts - we are playing these shows simply because we want to play together again as a band and for you, our amazing fans. We look forward to seeing all of you!" The band went on hiatus in 2006. (Source: http://www.altpress.com/news/entry/system_of_a_down_to_reunite_co-headline_download_festival_with_avenged_seve/ )

Three former members of the legendary stoner rock band Kyuss, vocalist John Garcia, bass player Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork, will be embarking on a tour of Europe next year. Founding guitarist Josh Homme will not be taking part in the tour, which is expected to be because of his commitment to Queens of the Stone Age, the band in which he performs vocal and guitar duties. Replacing him on the trek will be guitarist Bruno Fevery. This is the closest the band has come to a reunion since they called it a day in 1995. (Source: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=61645 )

Note that the latest Motörhead album, The Wörld Is Yours, will be released in Classic Rock magazine on December 14th, 2010. It will have a proper release on January 17th, 2011. (Source: http://www.newswiretoday.com/news/80378/ )

O'Neill tells Billboard.com that he and his creative partners have two rock musicals in the works for the Great White Way. "Romanov: What Kings Must Whisper," a rock opera about the Russia's Bolshevik Revolution in 1918, is "the furthest along, just because it's completely written and scored and ready to go." "Romanov" was actually supposed to be TSO's first album in 1994, he says, "but a number of people who have a lot of credibility on Broadway heard it and said it's too good to just go and do a record. It should be a Broadway musical, and I always wanted to take on Broadway, so we pulled it back."

Also on tap is "Gutter Ballet," which O'Neill started as a 1989 album for the group Savatage. He and Savatage frontman Jon Oliva plan to "rewrite some songs" from the original album. "We used some of the themes on other projects already," O'Neill notes, "but we won't do the same song in two different rock operas.

(Source: http://www.billboard.com/news/trans-siberian-orchestra-working-on-two-1004124422.story#/news/trans-siberian-orchestra-working-on-two-1004124422.story )

Watch this space for more information!

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