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Accelerated Evolution



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Dude like seriously

My girlfriend totally bought this fr me for christmas.

Few friends played and I watched them thought it was cool.

Then IGN post some pretty rave previews so I was like OMG greatest thing ever.

GF then bought surprise.

Playing it like nobody's business.

Like I mean this thing is like crack.

Later I will post some way oversized screen caps to the point of being obnoxious and a few videos with some trent reznor (greatest artist of our generation) To show how cool i am and this game is.

I mean seriously there are infinite options, infinite re playability coolest game ever thoughts guyz.

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No, but we should get one going.

We should.

I play on superbadass.kicks-ass.org

However they are waiting for Hmod or bukkit to be updated with 1.2

Before they update the server to 1.2

However if you want to play on that server you need to down grade which i cant figure out how to do.

So i have not been playing for a while.

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