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Top Ten of 2010


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You can tell me what you think of this list and whether you disagree but these are my top ten honors.

Also this is not in any order.

1. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

-This Album single handedly revolutionized hip hop for the better. Or so I hope it has.

2. Titus Andronicus- The Monitor

The Album of my summer. I listened to this over and over and over while driving the car around.

3. The Roots- How I got Over

All of there albums use and utilize real instruments but all of them up till this one also utilized synth sounds. They are lyrically sound every time but the use of only really in studio instruments made this album not only good but great.

4. Katy Perry- Teenage Dream

I was not a big fan of her first album however this album is pure pop bliss. Catchy and enjoyable.

cheesy to be sure but then again i would not expect anything else from a pop album.

5.The Smashing Pumpkins- Tea garden By Kaleidescope

I know this album is not finished but then again how can it be when it is a 44 track album. That being said of the seven songs released in 2010 for this album they have been by and large quite enjoyable. While it is a huge departure from the disappointing zeitgeist let it be known that i do still find some of the tracks on that album enjoyable. also the fact that 7 tracks have been released which is enough considering the average run time of them it can in fact be constituted as an album at least in my book.

6. The Roots an John Legend- Wake Up

The second album released by The Roots with John Legend is a cover album. However these covers are both beautiful and pristine. Both John Legend and The Roots crew are musical geniuses and artists in there own write.

Together they make a fantastic combination to release and create a fantastic album.

7. Gorillaz- Plastic Beach

A departure from the previous stylings of the man behind the animation Damon Albarn. however while this albums has some weak points it is a breath of fresh air

8. MGMT- Congratulations

Was it and art masterpiece...no

Was it a fun album to listen to...yes

this album brought back surf rock in a big way. It was fun is was fast and it was catchy. I am a fan of surf rock and this is the closest thing to it that i have seen come out of the modern era of music in a long while and that alone put this album up there on my list.

9. The New Pornographers- Together

A return to the past. The two albums that define them are and will always be Electric Version and Twin Cinema. However this album goes back to that sound and is a evolution at the same time. I enjoyed this album it was fun and it was solid.

10. Rick Ross- Teflon Don

This album was ridiculous, and i love it for just that. Rick Ross creating a thug universe that is just so over the top and gaudy that you cant help but love it. Along with that the lyrical progression and content is just fantastic.

I do reserve the right to change this list as i have not listened to every album of 2010 that i have wanted to yet.

However of the new albums that came out this year this is what stuck with me and stuck with me for the right reasons.

P.S. I copy pasta'd this from my Facebook.


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Re-instating my account to say, fuck kanye west.

Tyler, the creator is wrecking shit.

Also, this list is the most ignorant shit i've ever heard man. Every single review of the albums are bullshit.

"creating a thug universe that is just so over the top and gaudy that you cant help but love it." Are you fucking serious, that "thug" shit is played out, I dont know how it is on the EC but we got 13 year old kids shooting' dope with their brothers and sisters, i don't need that shit. Fuck the thug life, its just capitalist tactics that working class families down. That guy's just recycling ideas that have been around forever anyway.

"this album is pure pop bliss" no, this shit is not good, its the same format (sped up) that has been in use since kraftwerk. If every metal band wrote their songs like iron maiden, would you say it was "metal biss?" I would say metal hell. Why even review a pop album, they're not for music listeners, much less musicians, its for uneducated kids watching MTV and listening to the radio.

Just 'cause you can write a review doesn't mean it supports your opinions.

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