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Uprising in the Arab World.

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So I post on another forum that people use all over the world and an Egyptian guy is posting his thoughts on the protests here you go.

This is from the 26th


It's mostly students and professionals. This is not a political unrest, parties have little to no real involvement (Other than April 6th movement, which I heard about just today), most of the Egyptian population is frustrated, there is no real progress into improving their lives, most of the population lives under poverty line and the average monthly income is less than $100 for the average worker (Some people live on less than $20 a month).

Most of the population is young, so more and more students who finish their studies and hit a wall of unemployment despite being highly educated and well trained which is I think is the main factor why this unrest occurred. Most of the protesters are University students or graduates and they organized the "Al-Tahrir" protest via Facebook and Twitter (Hence the government blocked Twitter, but for some reason left Facebook accessable, but also blocked some streaming sites).

There is presidential elections later this year, I'm sure whether Mubarak gets overthrown before then, he will surely not get re-elected again as if that happened, the government won't be able to contain the outrage."

Just thought it would be interesting to hear someone's opinion on the matter while it was taking place.

There are a few other Egyptians talking in the thread.


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You think it's "awesome."

......... :mellow:

Yes, I think it's awesome that people are overthrowing a corrupt, fascist government that's only kept in power because it receives truly disgusting amounts of weaponry paid for by US taxpayers. I was in Egypt for a month in 2009, and while people here bitch about the government it is completely incomparable. The people of Egypt should stop at nothing to get justice, because they have been getting absolutely shit on in a way that we as Americans cannot even understand for thirty years. If a couple buildings get torched in the process, who cares? Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. The Egyptian government is so corrupt it's not like they were even built to any sort of building code (I'm serious: people dying in building collapses is a huge problem in Egypt because the people who are supposed to be regulating that shit just take bribes), so they have to be rebuilt anyway.

Incidentally, I have a great idea on how to balance the federal budget: STOP SENDING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF WEAPONS TO A DESTABILIZED PART OF THE WORLD.

EDIT: That thing about Mubarak leaving the country ended up not being true, unfortunately, but rich people are leaving Egypt en masse, including Mubarak's family. Now if the Egyptian people can just convince them to STAY in Dubai, Riyadh, and London, we'll have a little progress.

But seriously these revolts in Tunisia and Egypt are some of the most positive things that have happened in the Middle East in years.

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