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The end of an Era

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I just wanted to post here to vent, because I know there are some sympathetic souls on this board. At the start of the year (the very first monday of the year to be exact) my girlfriend broke up with me. For the past six weeks, I've been trying to be 'just friends' with her, but this was not feasible for many reasons. For one, as she is so fucking fond of saying, "it's not like a lightswitch that you can turn off." She seemed to change it fucking fast, but that's just from my point of view, because she's had PLENTY of time to think this over.

I feel like I got screwed out of the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel like I deserve a second chance. I know I won't GET a second chance, but I feel I'm owed one considering the bullshit circumstances around which our relationship ended. Trying to be 'just friends' with her, I might as well have been bashing my head against a fucking wall.

So, whatever, I'm done. I'm done trying to convince myself that 'just friends' will be okay. I'm done calling her and crying on the phone because I can't see her. I'm just. Fucking. Done.

I would like to be friends with her again, someday, but that day will not be any time soon. She was the best thing to ever happen to me, and she's the worst thing happening to me right now. Once I've been removed from her long enough, maybe someday we can catch up and reminice.

In the meantime, which of you ladies would like to be next in line?

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