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So, it's only a week away. Anyone else picking one up?

The launch line-up is pretty lame overall and it's a bit of a joke that the e-shop and web browser aren't going to be available for a couple months (How could those features possibly miss launch?). There's nothing there I would go out of my way to own, but the combination of wanting to be sure I have one around may/June and my DS lite being toast compelled me to just bite the bullet and go for it.

The only thing I'm terribly concerned about is the battery life, but seeing as all the media sites that have the thing already are content with whining about it instead of releasing a chart correlating features turned on to battery life, I'll just have to figure it out next week.

So, anyone else?

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On the plus side if you adjust for inflation the original gameboy costs over $320 for 5 hours of battery.

I never bought a gameboy either back in the day.. I know how the inflation stuff works to todays standards...it's just that there are no titles at launch that really make me say wow... I'm not gonna miss paying some bills to get a hand held console...poor me

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Face Raiders is the best of the included apps. It's actually pretty neat.

There's a system update for the video layer available. Includes an OK Go video that does a good job of showing off the 3D.

So far I've found that about 1/3rd of the way up the 3D slider is working well for me.

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3D works. Not getting any headaches or eye strain

Sound quality is great. Digital Surround, nice and clear.

Touch screen is more sensitive than my DS Lite's

The camera actually has some fun options


Battery life

The Stylus is kinda' lame. It isn't as easy to slide out one handed, and it telescopes. Feels kinda' light.

Shoulder buttons are tiny. Haven't used them much yet, but they don't seem as comfortable as the wrap around buttons from the DS.

The littlest spec of dust or something on the top screen while 3D is on is really, really distracting

AR cards are neat, and they work, but there's still problems with the maximum/minimum distance and the DS forgetting what card it was looking at the second they're out of frame.

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e-Shop update is out. Nothing much to say about the browser.

The 3D in Excite back is actually fairly pronounced. If all the 3D classics are like this, I'm impressed. I was expecting a pretty blatant cop-out for these games.

And the gameboy VC has some fun features:

The 3DS Virtual Console games all have two secret button combinations that make them feel more like an original Game Boy.

When you boot a game up normally it'll be full screen and in black and white. If you hold L and R while playing, then press Y as you hold them, the screen will tint green like it was on the original Game Boy.

Even better, if you hold Start and Select as you load the game from the 3DS Menu, the game will load in its original resolution with a Game Boy border, to make it look like it's playing on an original Game Boy.

Finally, as a final touch of genius, if you turn up the 3D slider while playing with the Game Boy border the screen slides ever so slightly back, just like it was in a proper Game Boy.

Completely pointless, but fun.

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Downloading a lot of video right now. Better be in 3D.


Ocarina of Time - the 3D implementation is good. It doesn't stick out as much of other games, but it's used much more heavily.

Kid Icarus - Looks waaaaay better on the 3DS' screen. Also some good 3D.

RE: Revelations - Man this game looks pretty. The 3D implementation is by far the subtle, but maybe the most effective. Principally used to enhance the environments Ie. You can tell how long a hallway is, how many strides something is from you, descending stairs really feels like descending stairs.

Mario - Doesn't add much, really.

MGS3D - TERRIBLE. I don't know if it's the game, or just the Kojima style promo that cuts back and forth between drawn screens and footage, but it made my eyes hurt and looked like ass while doing it.

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